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1) Identify the primary mole tunnels - the travel routes, and not the one-time use feeder tunnels. If you need mole help, click on my Nationwide List of Mole Removal Experts for a pro near you.
How to Get Rid of Moles - Moles are funny looking creatures that live underneath your lawn in tunnels that they dig. You can flood the tunnels with water by sticking a water hose into the hole or water the ground above the tunnel while gently stepping on it to close the tunnel. Mole Appearance: The mole is very similar in appearance to the mouse, and many people mistake the two at first glance.
Mole Habitat and Behavior: Moles prefer soil that is loose and well aerated, staying clear of soils with a heavy clay base.
Mole Nuisance Concerns: Most people dislike the destruction moles can do to a landscaped yard.
Mole Diseases: Because the mole spends most of its solitary live underground, there are few important diseases associated with it.
You mostly see them in established neighborhoods (not new construction) and near woods and forest preserves. Next, you can use mole repelling treatments in your lawn that are designed to drive them away. Recent studies suggest(David Shetlar,PhD from Ohio State University department of Entomology. Wash your hands properly and dont let the leftover pieces get mixed in with the braai wood. I've tried all the above methods as well as traps (slagysters), but could not get rid of the pests. Imagine waking up in the morning and having only that which you Thanked the Lord for before going to sleep left in your life !! Another solution would be to put some LPG down his hole from a gas bottle, my family in dullstroom did that, and it worked. Facts about Moles and Voles - All moles can be damaging but the Eastern mole is by far the most widespread and is widely found here in the Ozarks. WE TRAP VOLESThe vole is more commonly referred to as a "field mouse" (not the common house mouse) and the Prairie Vole is generally what you will find in our area. Research shows, and experts agree, that trapping is the most effective way to eliminate moles. Are you searching for NUISANCE WILDLIFE CONTROL - ANIMAL TRAPPING - ANIMAL REMOVAL - ANIMAL DAMAGE CONTROL - WILDLIFE REMOVAL - ODOR FREE SKUNK REMOVAL - GROUNDHOG REMOVAL - ARMADILLO REMOVAL ? Please note that I have recently retired and I am no longer providing mole trapping services.
It is with  great confidence that I am now referring new and existing customers to Terry Barlow.
The tunnels they dig can destroy any and all the plant roots that they come into contact with.
You can use a snap trap which is messy and not guaranteed to kill the mole or you can use a live trap that is set at the entrance of the tunnel. If regular water does not seem to be working you can try mixing your own solution of water, biodegradable dish soap, cayenne pepper and castor oil and pouring it in the tunnel. A thin wire mesh that is buried at least a foot and a half into the ground and sticks a few inches above the ground should do the trick. Loose soil is easier to tunnel in and provides proper air saturation and exchange within the tunnel system. The area considered living space is much deeper than then tunnels frequently visible just below the sod. Their diet consists mostly of earthworms, though they will eat larvae, grubs, slugs, and other small insects that burrow into the soil. Shallow tunnels will leave the topsoil soft and prone to disruption by lawnmowers and other heavy objects. The most widely accepted zoonotic disease is leptospirosis, though this bacterial infection is very rare in the mole. Instead, they burrow tunnels just below the soil surface as they forage for grubs worms, earth worms and insects. You should place a long-lasting grub preventative in your lawn each summer to reduce grub worm activity in your lawn. Most of these products work very well if you have patience and follow the directions set forth.

I also use this same product to keep rabbits from digging around my perennials during the summer and fall with very good results.
After all, we don’t want to kill the little buggers, just drive them to another place.
I am really proud of the results my readers are getting using this easy to follow lawn treatment schedule. Stick the hosepipe as deep up the tunnel as possible, connect the hosepipe to the vehicle's exhaust and let the vehicle fast idle for around 15mins.
Jy sal net vir SWAMBO moet ompraat om die mol vas te hou terwyl jy dit indruk - 2 hande is te min. The vole prefers to feed on seeds, bulbs and tender roots with a fondness for Hostas and other ornamental plants. Like the mole, shrews are insectivores and can be found under logs and leaves and other places where insects are abundant. Safe, effective and poison free mole and vole control! Please call to check on availability in your area.
I have made many new friends along the way and appreciate each and every one of my customers for their business.
Terry will be aquiring this website and content and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. In fact, moles barely have any fat on them at all which makes them powerful, but also requires them to eat almost their body weight in worms every single day. They also leave large mounds of dirt anywhere they go which is not only an eye sore but can be an indication of a larger problem. Bait these traps with salami, pepperoni or sausage to coax the mole back out of the tunnel.
The pepper and castor oil will stick to the mole’s skin and make it immobile or try to dig away from the burning solution.
If you are worried about the moles chewing through the mesh, you can always buy a thicker or sturdier wire. Living tunnels will consist of linear tunnels usually around a deep root system of a shrub or tree. Breeding happens once within a year, and females will give birth to approximately three young.
Most of us are not interested in actually killing the moles, just relocating them, and there are many environmentally friendly and mole friendly alternatives to a .22 caliber rifle. This mole is the strongest of the group and is most often associated with the tunnels and mounds found by property owners. Moles have a dark brown coat, strong hind leg muscles and strange flesh colored paws and claws that are used to push through dirt and cut roots that lay in their path. Mounds mean that you have a large maze of tunnels right under the surface of your lawn that you did not even know was there. This is an expensive option, especially if you decide to do the entire yard, instead of just the garden.
For these reasons, the mole has traditionally lived in forested areas where the first layer of soil is freshly decayed plant matter. Deep tunnels are run by the mole frequently and are the major sources of food for the animal in colder weather. The male mole has no active part in the birthing process, and will leave the female immediately after fertilization. Of course there are dozens of gadgets which might or might not work, no conclusive evidence at all. Sadly that means they will find their way back to your yard once stocks have been replenished.
Moles are solitary creatures and do not hurt humans or other animals, but even though they are docile enough, they can destroy your lawn.
If you get enough of these tunnels, it can kill your gardens, crops and even collapse part of the ground. This will trap a live mole so that you can relocate it or have a professional come and take it. This will also do nothing for the moles already in your yard, but it is a step in the right direction. The legs are similarly disproportionate appearing, made to be short and sturdy, their primary purpose to move large amounts of dirt. With the constant encroachment of humanity into the wild, moles are just as much at home in well-kept lawns as they are in their natural habitat.

Insects burrowing into the soil to avoid the frost will end up in the deeper tunnels where the mole will consume them upon discovery.
Invaders dig, they will come in contact with the bad tasting soil and quickly decide the bad taste is too strong and prompt them to find food elsewhere. You will notice that there are very few moles in the middelmannetjies where there is Oleander planted. A friend used to stick it in the hole and then blow the fumes into the tunnel with a garden blower.
If you have noticed that you have tunnel openings or mounds of dirt that are littering your lawn, you will want to take these steps to get rid of your moles right away.
The shallower tunnels are almost always single use tunnels, created to hunt down the grubs and larvae that live in the upper part of the soil. Voles can breed when they are only 25-30 days old and like the typical mouse, can reproduce very quickly - sometimes producing 50-100 offspring per year.
There have been many contraptions made over the years and the Federal Trade Commission has pursued and addressed the claims made by the manufacturer or distributors of these items. Moles generally have one litter per year but have been known to have more depending on the climate and location with an average of two to five young per litter.
Some describe the vole as looking like a "mini muskrat" and upon close inspection I have found that to be true. I have included a a few of the many links to the FTC to enlighten you on some of these products. At this time you will notice an increase in activity, usually during February and March, when the males are seeking females.
Predators like hawks, owls, foxes and skunks prey on voles and generally keep the numbers in check.
The gestation period is approximately six weeks and newborn moles grow very rapidly and are generally weaned after four weeks. However, if left unchecked, voles can create a lot of damage to lawn and garden areas and may need to be trapped to an acceptable level. We trap voles using a variety of poison free methods for the safety of you, your pets and other wildlife.
However, these items, known as the "25b" minimum risk pesticides, have never been proven to do what they claim but since they can't harm you or the environment they are allowed to be marketed as such. A good rain that softens up the soil will usually make them resurface again as they follow their food source back to the top. Believe me when I tell you of customers who have spent hundreds of dollars and "tried it all" with no results and then called us.
Please click here for more information.GUARANTEED RESULTS!Unlike poisons or repellents you can see the results when moles are trapped. Just ask the service provider that is using "poison worms", "castor oil" or "garlic sticks" if he can GUARANTEE and PROVE the moles are dead or gone. The main travel tunnel or "run" is a lengthly tunnel that takes the mole to different parts of it's territory and is deeper than the surface tunnel.
A mole's diet includes ground invertebrates such as grubs, beetles, millipedes and ants with the mole's primary food source being earthworms. Moles will take the path of least resistance preferring to feed and tunnel through loose soil as compared to that which is hard and dried out.
Likewise they run along roots, foundations, driveways, landscaping stones and curbs because this helps shore up their tunnels. They can actually rebreathe the air in the tunnel for quite some time while continuing to dig.
Some moles may reach 6"- 8" long depending on the species but may be smaller depending on gender and age. Likewise, young moles may travel some distance to form a territory of their own or may just use these same abandoned tunnels. However, should the mole surface it may be captured and eaten by hawks, owls, foxes, coyotes, skunks, snakes and other wildlife. Dogs and cats will sometimes capture moles as they can sense the movement of the soil as the mole digs.
This, combined with the musky odor, allows the dog or cat to stalk the mole and capture it when it breaks the surface.

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