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Chronic bacterial vaginosis starts with simple symptoms like a tickle white discharge along the vagina walls or a foul fishy odor. Using an intrauterine device for birth control such as a coil can bring about a change in the pH level of a woman’s genital area, as can certain sex acts.
So, be very careful when choosing what you use down-there, as well as what medication or treatment options you use in treating your Bacterial Vaginosis. Do you want to totally treat your persistent BV and stop it from ever coming back to bother you?

Click on this link ==> Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom, to read more about this Natural BV Cure program, and discover how it has been helping ladies allover the world to completely treat their condition. From using scented soap or bubble bath to having sex with a new partner; almost anything considered typical of the modern liberated woman can cause chronic bacterial vaginosis.
Even things like thong underwear can bring about this condition, along with things like psychosocial stress or vaginal lubricants and oils used for sex play. If yes, then I suggest you use the methods recommended in the: Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom program.

Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis has even been linked to pelvic inflammatory disease, the effects of which are often permanent and damaging.

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