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Are you thinking about declawing your cats and wonder what the side effects could possibly be? I do not judge anyone who does go along with this procedure, it is just my personal belief. Now that you have some idea of the side effects, I believe it is important to know the common procedure used to declaw your feline family member.
A veterinarian will use a  guillotine type nail trimmer to cut a straight line through the joint between a little piece of bone that the claw grows from, and the next piece of bone which is bigger. Education and  a small amount of effort on your part is essential to the health and happiness for you feline pet.
If you have any questions or would like to share some ways that you have provided for your cats to continue their way of life as it was meant to be, please leave a reply below. This entry was posted in Feline Anatomy, Feline Claws, Health Related and tagged alternative ways, cat senses, medical procedures.
White vinegar is a multi-tasking wonder in the home, be prepared to be amazed with Colleen’s 21 surprising uses for vinegar. If you’ve had a little knock or bash to your body, immediately rub in some mouthwash to the area.
Epsom salts also work extremely well to soothe inflamed or bruised skin if you don’t have a bottle of mouthwash to hand. I love a multi-tasking product, and this is a great way to save precious space in your suitcase. If you’ve been on your feet all day, give yourself a refreshing foot soak by mixing a cup of mouthwash into water. If you’ve been neglecting your feet, be sure to give yourself a DIY pedicure with the help of my 4 step guide. As well as removing the odour from your mouth, mouthwash can get rid of the smell of garlic on your hands too. Mouthwash was first used as a surgical antiseptic before people figured out its mouth-cleaning properties.
Tea tree oil also works well as a treatment scalp infections, find out more with my 15 fantastic uses for tea tree oil.
If you’ve got sport socks or gym clothes on your hands, give them a disinfecting clean to get rid of stubborn smells by adding a cup of mouthwash to your load.
You can discover plenty more tips on how to get your laundry fresh by checking out my ultimate guide to cleaning your clothes the smart way. You must take care of your piercings, especially if they are in intimate areas like the mouth and belly. An astringent is a water-based solution, that when applied to skin, is meant to shrink or constrict the skin and close pores so skin feels tighter. Mix one tablespoon of mouthwash to four pints of water and replace the water in the flower vase with this mixture.

Sadly mouthwash won’t keep your flowers alive forever, but you cans till transform them into something amazing. If your plants are showing signs of either, spray them once a week with a solution of 75% water and 25% mouthwash.
If you’re struggling to get rid of a tick on your dog, grab some mouthwash and douse an old tea towel with it. For more pet tips like this check out these 23 clever life hack every cat owner need to know and 23 unexpected tips for dog owners.
A keen money-saver and fan of all things natural, Anushka enjoys making her own beauty products and is partial to a bit of crafting.
This is true Trevor…but you could get a few bottles from Poundland and keep them on hand for those emergency situations when the correct product has run out! I’m one of those people that as to see it to believe it so when I go shopping I will pick me up a bottle and let you know ???
Hi there, cats don’t like citrus so maybe try leaving some orange peel in the garden beds with some citrus scented spray?
Welcome to Expert Home Tips – a beautifully curated collection of all the best home hacks, living tips, competitions and more. If your cat is one of those whose toilet must be immaculately clean - otherwise he won't use it - an automatic litter box could be a solution.
The material in this website is for information only and is not intended to replace professional recommendations or opinions. If any images that appear on the website are in violation of copyright law and do not agree with it being shown here, please contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible. Then the paws are wrapped in bandages until the anesthesia wears off and it is time to release the animal back to it’s owner.
Do the side effects, the procedure, and  statics I have provided shed some light on your decision making?
It’s a shame that a lot of people feel the need to declaw their cats instead of taking a little bit of time and effort to make a place for them to scratch to their hearts content.
It really doesn’t take that much time and effort and in most cases, not a lot of money, to train a cat not to claw on unwanted areas.
I never got my cat declawed because I always feared that she wouldn’t act the same anymore. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Make a 1:1 solution of mouthwash and white vinegar, and apply to the affected area with a cotton wool pad two to three times a day.
This will refresh and soften your feet as well as kill any bad bacteria that might be brewing. Disinfect minor cuts by dabbing it on with a cotton pad…just be prepared for a little sting!

Many people use toner as opposed to an astringent these days, but if used occasionally it can help remove dirt, make up and oil from the skin that cleansers can miss.
It will help kill the bacteria that accelerates decomposition and make your flowers last longer. Never short of a clever tip or two, she's always looking for new ways to make her money go even further.
Wet the cloth pour Eno fruit salts on the stain let it fizz for 5 minutes and hey presto the stain gets dissolved.
I have never believed that in the past and after doing  some research, which I am going to share with you, I am even more convinced that this statement is far from the truth.
To us humans, it would be like cutting the tip of our fingers off at the first joint below the fingernail. Unfortunately is not uncommon for several of the toes to need re-glued which is extremely painful because the cat will no longer be sedated.
There are vinyl nail clips that can be affixed to the nails with nontoxic glue that can be easily applied. We took it apart and laid an arm of the couch up against a drainage pipe we have in our basement.
My hope is that the few alternatives I have provided will help you make the right choice for the health and happiness of your beloved cats.
They come when they’re called, they sit when you tell them to, and Friday does tricks.
After doing the research, which was hard for me, I think I cried several times, I knew that I had made the right choice and so did you! Dilute mouthwash and water in your mouthwash cap and pour onto a cotton pad before applying to your skin. We also took old pieces of carpet that we had left over and stapled it to the bottom of a door as well as a wooden support beam.
I really don’t believe that most cat owners realize the agony and pain their pet goes through when they declaw them. Not only did this take all of about 15 minutes to set up,  it has kept my six cats very active, healthy, and happy.
He asked me who I was calling for because he knows my kids names aren’t Pee Wee and Buddy LOL. Hopefully I have shared some knowledge and we can save our feline babies from going through that! Cat’s can be trained, you just have to make that commitment if your going to be a cat owner.

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