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This can be used diluted 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water for mild urine smell problems. An average size dog will urinate approx half of a cup each time, to combat this you need to use approx the same amount to ensure the enzymes and bacteria within the product are sufficient to be able to kill off the bacteria and bad odour in the urine. After some research, some manual labor, and an amazing product, our house practically smells like a rosebush (ok, exaggeration, but you get the point). A These carpets were way too far gone to be salvageable so in the garage they went (which now reeks too).Notice the plug-nose-with-shirt move going on up there. A We also ripped up all the padding since it was fairly well contaminated too.Getting the rooms down to the subfloor helped immensely.
A And thanks to this (strangely) beautiful Chicago weather, we were able to air out the house for several weeks.

A While there are several options, we felt the best one for us would be a spot type treatment, by sealing in the odors in the rooms that needed it.Turns out there are primer paints specifically designed for odor blocking that work well against pet odors as well as smoke smells.
A We read several reviews on different products and the consensus seems to be that you need to use an oil based primer. A  You can buy a can at Home Depot for around $15 and it will cover roughly 300 square feet.
A But a few minutes later the paint was looking nice and white and we were back in business.Really, the whole process was very simple and went fairly fast.
A We rolled the primer onto the floor, taking special care to cover well on the trouble spots. A But we eventually determined that the odor was nearly gone, but still slightly detectable in the bad spots.

A So, we did a second coat on all urine-infected floors to be doubly sure to completely eliminate the odor.And now, thanks to Kilz Original, we have a fresh smelling house! A One evening we went through the yard and pulled all the weeds and thistles that were growing around the fence and deck edges. A Then, we took some free mulch that was sitting a few houses down (our neighborhood is taking down all the dead ash trees, so sad!) and mulched around the trees and house.
A Just those little things made such a difference in the yard!Also, we’re still working on a flooring decision.

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