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000The best way to get rid of cat pee smell in carpet takes several steps and some patience.
If you are not sure where the smell is coming from you need to use a black light to detect the cat urine. Also, you can use this method after cleaning to see that you have indeed removed all the cat pee. If you want, you put some water on the spot to help with blotting, but do not use any cleaners or even vinegar.
If you use any carpet cleaners, soap, or vinegar on the cat urine on your carpet, the Feline Odor Neutralizer will not work!
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Best Answer: To remove the smell of urine from just about anything, first clean it with some sort of soap or kitchen cleaner. Accidents happen and even the most well-behaved dog or cat has the occasional accident on your carpet. PetPeePee specializes in permanently removing dog and cat urine odor from oriental rugs and area rugs.
If you’re on a tight budget you may want to try some of the cat urine odor removal home remedy methods below before buying a commercialized spray.
You can also mix these ingredients in a plastic container using a plastic spoon and then apply it on the smelly or stained areas.
When using detergents or liquid soaps, make sure never to use one that is based on ammonia. Cat urine isn’t just an odor or stain problem when it comes to hardwood floors; it is a harmful substance that can produce rot on your floor if it is not cleaned up promptly. If you rush to clean the spot and try every cleaner in your cabinet, then you will more than likely set the stain, and the smell forever. Turn off all the lights in the room, or better yet wait until dark, and then shine the black light over the floor or other areas you suspect might have cat urine or spray on it. This is not very noticeable on white or light colored carpets, but you will see it on dark colored carpets.
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Below is our free cat urine removal home Find best value and selection for your DOG CAT SPRAY PET URINE ODOR CARPET RUG STAIN REMOVER search on eBay.
Then clean it with lemon If you are removing cat pee off your floors and rugs, chances are your cat is ill and needs a vet. If not cleaned properly and promptly, pet urine On light colored carpets and rugs, you might be able to track down the majority of the cat urine on the carpet just by looking for stains and smelling for the source of At Your Service Carpet Cleaning – Riverside (CA).
PetPeePee guarantees, in writing, to permanently remove pet Not decorating, I know, but my decorating is taking a back burner to this! Use this method on your clothing, bedding, rugs or anything you think you can stuff in the washer (not including your cat). Otherwise, just grab a bottle of  Simple Solution Extreme Stain and Odor Remover for under $10. As mentioned above, Listerine is a very effective ingredient in eliminating the odor of cat urine, probably because of the amount of alcohol that it has.
A mixture of ? cup baking soda, one quart of peroxide, and some drops of detergent or liquid soap can do wonders in removing odors. Since ammonia is also what cat urine is based on, using it will further encourage a cat to pee in the same area again.
Combining one part white vinegar with two to three parts warm water will create a strong solution capable of removing cat urine odor. Like with vinegar and water, the first thing to do is to get rid of as much cat urine as possible without any solution first.
This mixture, which involves combining equal amounts of baking soda, cornstarch, and white vinegar, is a pasty one. Because it is very expensive to replace floors, it is important that you know how to remove cat urine from them.
It is important, however, to read the instructions and test on an inconspicuous spot of floor first before using the product. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. By using soap or vinegar, you add to the urine and may even change the urine so that the enzyme product cannot break the urine down. If the cat urine is on the walls 2’ up and higher, your cat is How do you get cat urine smell out of a rug? It might eliminate the cat urine smell on the surface, but it won’t likely do anything about odors that have deeply penetrated.
Using a spray bottle simply spray the mixture onto the affected areas and let it get absorbed. Absorb as much urine as you can into a paper towel and then apply the solution with a spray bottle.

To apply, simply rub it on the affected area using paper towels or a scrub brush that is soft. Working on the problem while it is still fresh can do wonders, so it is best to clean the urine as soon as you smell it. Removing the scent is important if you want your house to smell fragrant and not unpleasant. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Best Answer: Go to the store where the pet products are kept and find a pet urine cleaner, that says it breaks down the natural enzymes. Also, visible cat urine odor dog urine odor human urine odor cat spraying was an area rug used under a dining table that our cat decided was his litter box.
This may be remedied through training, but it may take a while for them to learn where the proper place to pee is.
Wait for the affected area to absorb the mixture (this will take around 5 minutes) and then rinse and soak up with warm water and a rag or paper towel. To use this method, simply dampen the affected area and scatter some baking soda across it. If you don’t have a spray bottle you can try leaving a cloth soaked with the solution on the affected area overnight. Removing the scent will also discourage your cat from urinating in the same spot.  There are many ways to remove the odor of a cat’s urine, and many of them don’t involve spending a lot of money.
If the stain is not recent, re-wet the stain with water and You can deodorize and clean cat and pet urine odors and stains from your carpets and rugs using common household products.
Our shaggy rug has been used as an indoor toilet Find best value and selection for your Cat Dog Pet Odor Stain Urine Remover Carpet Rug Cleaner search on eBay. Use a clean rag to apply the mixture to the affected area and press firmly to soak up the excess urine.
Cat urine on a carpet or rug is more than a nuisance; it can penetrate through the fibers and into the padding, causing mold to go along with that awful smell. You can also just pour the mixture directly over the affected area if you don’t have a spray. Fortunately, there are many different cat urine odor removal methods available to help you get rid of the smell. To make sure that the solution won’t damage your furniture, test on an inconspicuous area first.

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