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In this age of fashion, almost every young as well as old lady is very much conscious about her skin tone. Lemon is basically a bleaching agent because it contains on citric acid which helps in remove dark spots from your skin (I mean from your knees & elbows). If your skin is becoming darker due to dead skin cells then very easy homemade tip is to prepare a scrub by using olive oil. Whenever you take bath, then you should always use brush which is called exfoliation brush. SPF (sunscreen protection foundation) should also be used so that you can save your knees & elbows from the UV (ultra violet) rays of sun. Posts related to How to Get Rid From Dark Knees & Elbows Get Rid from Dark Spots on Face with these Easy Home Remedies Natural Home Remedies to Remove Dark Spots from Face: Black spots look very awkward on your face.
Subscribe Enter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. I know that having an uneven skin tone, dark spots, sun spots, and discoloration is a delicate and emotional issue. No longer do you have to feel timid, anxious, bashful, uncomfortable or insecure because these days you have options.
It is with this mission in mind that we here in BES land have decided to round up and review the 3 best skin lightening creams available to you today.
For starters, Melasma is extremely common in women, especially for those who are pregnant or who have gotten too much sun exposure over their life. The discoloration typically appears when there is too much Melanin (the natural chemical that produces our skin color) in our skin. It usually takes the form of small brown spots that look similar to normal skin moles but are larger and differently shaped. This hyperpigmentation can become more noticeable thanks to a woman’s estrogen levels which cause the amount of melanin production to increase. Some people believe that age spots are the result of an unhealthy liver but that is not the case. Liver spots are actually the bi-product of aging skin and its inability to fully recover after sun damage. Finally general discoloration is another form of skin darkening that can arise thanks to factors such as sun damage, scarring, acne as well as through certain diseases such as Addison’s disease, Celiac disease and many others. Something tells me this question is a little redundant but nevertheless, there are reasons why you should choose to go with a solid skin lightening cream versus a cheap variation.
For starters, there is a ton of misinformation out there in cyberland on the best ways to lighten your skin. You will not find tips on skin whitening or harmful skincare practices, just honest information on how to lighten age spots, sun spots, Melasma and general discoloration. It goes without saying that if you want to even out your skin tone and lighten the discoloration then you are going to want a product that actively lightens age spots. No easy feat but any skin lightening product worth its money should be able to do this effortlessly. A solid cream should give your skin a natural, even tone that doesn’t stand out from the rest of your body. It goes without saying that when choosing the ideal anti-aging cream for your skin, you want to find one that provides noticeable results and quickly. Younger looking skin doesn’t happen overnight so you should manage your expectations. While the more affordable (and budget-friendly) option is always the most attractive you have to realize that when it comes to skin lightening, you usually end up getting what you pay for.
Though a $20 price tag is alluring, it may not deliver the kind of noticeable results you are expecting. It is with these five factors in mind that we have chosen our top 3 favourite skin lightening creams for 2013.
Meladerm – the skin lightening cream that harnesses the power of three dynamic ingredients not typically used by other lacklustre brands.

Known as the safest, non-bleaching lightening treatment on the market for nearly a decade, this cream claims to solve your skin spot woes without doing damage to your already fragile skin. As mentioned above, we get age spots (or liver spots) on our skin when our cells over-produce a chemical called Melanin. Meladerm contains an ingredient called Alpha-arbutin, derived from the Bearberry tree, which helps to fade age spots by impeding the production of Melanin.
Alpha-arbutin is by far the easiest and most efficient way to block Melanin production and you should look for it in any skin lightening cream you buy. A common side effect from many skin lighteners is they lighten specific spots on your skin but eventually leaves your skin with a blotchy, uneven tone. In addition to the smooth appearance, Tego Cosmo C also encourages your body to produce less Melanin without causing any chemical imbalances.
Meladerm uses the ingredient Gigawhite which is derived from plants found in the Swiss Alps. Luckily, Gigawhite is all natural and a completely safe and effective alternative to Hydroquinone.
As of now, no significant side effects have been reported but it is wise to stick to the usage directions if you do choose to try Meladerm.
While you shouldn’t expect to see drastic changes before your first 8 weeks with any skin lightening product, Meladerm does start to exhibit slight changes in your skin in as little as two weeks. However, full results may take as long as 3 months, which seems like a long time when you’re waiting for specific results.
Those who suffer from Melasma, age spots, acne marks, dark scars, birth marks, freckles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, discoloration as well as dark knees, elbows, underarms and knuckles will see relief through regular usage of Meladerm.
You just have to make sure you stay dedicated in your application of Meladerm to see truly noticeable results. The affordability of Meladerm makes it a true winner in our books, and while one jar does cost $49.99, it provides the most striking results out of the top 3. A paraben and cruelty-free product, this brand is a relative newbie to the skincare scene yet is already making noise with their natural approach to skin lightening. Similar to Meladerm, SkinBright uses the skin lightening power of Alpha-arbutin to fade liver spots. This one little ingredient produces similar lightening effects on our skin as the now-banned Hydroquinone, but it does so naturally and without any harmful side effects.
Because of its lightening abilities, SkinBright helps to neutralize dark spots making them far less obvious. The Kojic acid content found in SkinBright is responsible for the cream’s ability to brighten your skin and even out its overall tone.
Kojic acid is actually a by-product that is created during Sake (Japanese wine) production meaning it is all natural and even safe for those with sensitive skin to use. Due to the fact that SkinBright is a natural, paraben-free lightening treatment full of ingredients that moisturize, nourish and protect your skin, it is completely safe to use.
I thought Meladerm taking 3 months was long enough, I’m not sure I could wait 6 months before seeing any changes or knowing whether or not this product was going to work for me. Add to that SkinBright’s 30 day risk-free guarantee and you have yourself a smart skincare investment.
A former front runner in the skin lightening industry but is it a safe choice when it comes to dealing with discoloration and spots? Backed by numerous positive reviews, there is one thing that most people are overlooking when it comes to how Obagi Nu-Derm Clear achieves such amazing results.
Not only does Obagi Nu-Derm Clear help to fade age and liver spots but it seems to erase them right off your face, and fast. While that may sound enticing, it achieves these results thanks to its number one ingredient: Hydroquinone. As I mentioned above, Hydroquinone was banned by the FDA back in 2006 when it was found to contain Cancer causing elements. Though Obagi Nu-Derm Clear does help to eliminate discoloration, it doesn’t really work that well to smooth out the tone of your skin.

You may notice a general whitening of your skin overall, but I cannot promise that your skin will be one even tone. Because Nu-Derm Clear is full of bleaching agents, your skin tone will whiten so if that is your main concern then Nu-Derm Clear could be what you’re looking for.
Although I do have to say that this product comes with a risk and you should be wary of using it.
Not only are you putting your overall health at risk but the bleaching agents found in this cream could potentially burn your skin or cause permanent damage. I hate to say it but if you are looking for a whitening cream that provides drastic results, then Obagi Nu-Derm Clear is the standout product.
Because Hydroquinone is such a harmful ingredient we can’t possibly suggest you use this product. Although we do recommend Meladerm, no matter which skin lightening treatment you choose, just be sure you stay diligent in your application so that you can see your best results in as short of a time as possible.
After all, why make the investment in clear, radiant skin with an even tone if you aren’t going to stay consistent?
Finally, I want you to remember this: uneven skin tone, discoloration and spots no longer need to be a source of insecurity for you. With new products and technologies coming out so frequently, you are bound to find a product that works on your specific skin.
You need 2 tsp of Vitamin E, 8 tsp of Tbsp milk, 2 tsp of lemon juice & 2 tsp of glycerin. Because of dark knees you may feel hesitation from wearing short clothes & due to dark elbows you may feel irritation when you wear short sleeve dress. This brush helps in removing your dead skin cells from elbows, knees & from whole body.
Because of this it is very common for pregnant women to experience a change in the color of their skin but other women are at risk as well. These unsightly spots are typically found on our hands but can also show up on our face, neck and decolletage – the areas that usually see the most sun – causing us to look older than we are.
It is extremely harsh and damaging to your delicate skin cells and usually ends in permanent scarring or burns. If you can find a product that delivers recognizable changes in 4-6 weeks, you have found yourself a quality cream.
If a cream produces noticeable results in under 12 weeks, you have got yourself a solid solution. Would you rather save a few dollars and look like a second-rate you or would you rather invest in measurable results and relish in how you feel when you look in the mirror? It is a safe alternative to Hydroquinone, an ingredient that used to be an effective skin lightener but was banned by the FDA back in 2006 after it was found to potentially cause Cancer.
Just be sure to return the product (if you aren’t satisfied) before your 30 days are up or you run the risk of not receiving your refund.
Many customers have mentioned that it took about 6 months to see really noticeable changes. These spots become visible on your knees when your wear short dresses as well as on your elbows when your wear half sleeved or sleeveless dresses. Not feeling confident enough to let loose and show the world who you truly are because you are worried about the judgement that will be placed upon you. Now the question, which arises, is that how you can get rid from these dark spots & how you can maintain your beauty?
If you feel that your skin is becoming dry then you can use a moisturizing cream on that area.

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