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Toothpaste on Burns, Is it Good, Does Toothpaste Help Burns on Face, Skin or Cause Burns in Mouth? Irritation: White bumps on the face, especially those occurring around the mouth may also be caused by irritation of the skin by fluoride containing toothpastes and some makeup.
Heavy moisturizers: Moisturizers do a good job at keeping your skin hydrated, supple and smooth but some heavy varieties often trap dead skin cells and interfere with normal skin exfoliation resulting in a condition known as milia.
Viral infection: A virus may also be to blame for those annoying white bumps that have suddenly found home on your face. Genetic predisposition: Some people are at higher predisposition for some skin conditions such as milia, which is associated with white bumps. Milia are so much like acne bumps but they are not accompanied by a red rash as is typical of acne outbreaks. Milia form when dead skin cells get trapped under the surface of the skin rather than exfoliate naturally. This can happen as a result of using heavy moisturizers, cleansers and creams or due to sun damage which typically makes the skin leathery and thick making it more difficult for dead skin cells to slough off (exfoliate) as they should normally do. In addition, milia can appear around the eyes and other parts of the face that have no active oil glands. If the bumps are rather small (goose-bumps like) and have a characteristic sandpaper-like feel, then you could be dealing with keratosis pilaris. Keratosis pilaris occurs when there is a build-up of keratin, a kind of protein that culminates in plugging of hair follicles.
The condition tends to get worse with dry skin and may get particularly worse during winter months when humidity levels are at their lowest. The virus is transmitted through sexual intercourse or via direct contact with infected lesions and materials e.g. These range from cryotherapy (freezing them) and curettage (removal with sharp instrument) to the use of creams with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, and cantharidin, and prescription of cimetidine.
To start with, it is worth mentioning that most cases of molluscum contagiosum, milia, and keratosis pilaris are harmless and will clear away by themselves without treatment but if you find that they make you uncomfortable, or are not sure what condition you are dealing with, you should talk to your doctor. Talk to your doctor or a dermatologist about the most appropriate option for your specific case. Little white or red bumps on your upper arms may be a condition called keratosis pilaris, KP. Piercing Bumps, If you have a bump or sore around your piercing, it is more than likely not keloid and easily removable.
How to Get Rid of Tongue Sores Sores, also known as canker sores, are shallow ulcers that appear in the mouth.
Keep reading to learn more about those weird small white dots as well as their causes and what you can do to treat them. Previous post: A Candidate Spends This Amount Of Money To Get Your Vote- See How Much Does It Cost! White dots under eyes, white bumps under eyes and white circles under eyes may be caused by different underlying factors. The spots are commonly referred to as oil seeds because they are soft and appear as small yellow pimples. Heavy skin care products and makeup usage may cause the little white spots to form under your eyes too.

Once you identify the cause of the dots, you will be able to get rid of the white dots under eyes easily because you can now treat the actual cause.
Of the many symptoms people report, little white dots, small white dots or tiny white spots are the most commonly reported. These two are the likely questions that some people ask themselves when they feel the dots forming under their eyes.
The causes of little whitish bumps on your eyes are the same as discussed above in the causes section. For some people, exposure to the sun may cause the area around the eyes to be irritated and form little white bumps on the eyelids or under the eye. If your spots and marks are caused by sunburn, avoid direct exposure of your skin around eyes to the sun.
Avoid and reduce heavy cosmetics and makeup around the eye to prevent and get rid of milia spots.
If the spots are dry and you think you can remove them fast, exfoliate gently before you go to bed. You may also try removing the white spots under eyes using salicylic acid, although this treatment will take longer to clear the problem. There are various causes of white circles, including postinflammatory hypopigmentation which normally occurs when you use certain eye creams. Mayo Clinic notes that cluster headaches may cause one to have white circles forming below the eyes. Yes, sun damage is not only a factor for sunburn, dark spots, and skin cancer among other skin ageing symptoms like wrinkles but also a precursor for rough, thick skin that culminate in milia (which is manifested in white bumps). A good example is the molluscum contagiosum virus which is transmitted sexually and through contact with infected people and clothing they have had contact with e.g. Milia are usually filled with a protein called keratin and tend to occur on the cheeks, nose, and eyelids even though they can occur on nay part of the body. Although this skin condition typically affects the arms and thighs, it can occur on any part of the body including the face, back and buttocks.
We have already replied to her with the appropriate advice but we thought it would do no harm to include it here just in case someone else has the same concern. As we have already mentioned this is infection of Molluscum contagiosum virus which thrives in warm, humid and overcrowded environments. Well, the appropriate treatment for those white bumps will vary depending on the underlying cause.
I was frustrated when younger by the red bumps and dry skin that persisted on back my arms. Here’s How To Wash Away Severe Dandruff And Stop The ItchingFind It Hard In Burping Your Babies? This is way nothing like the cartoon.Here Are The Meaning Of Your Dreams In Psychology10 Destinations In The World With The Clearest And Bluest WaterDoes Plucking Gray Hair Make It Grow Back Faster?
They appear as little white bumps under eyes, and sometimes they may end up as small white circles around eyes and eyelids.
It is easy to find that you get fungal infections on the skin that result in small white papules forming on the face. However, in terms of beauty and appearance, little white dots under eyes may be a source of concern.

It is important to note that dots forming above the eyelid or under your eyes may be yellowish to whitish in color, but they are not filled with pus, but the protein called keratin. This is mainly for the spots that are caused by allergic reactions to certain chemical substances.
As we have seen above in the article, the white bumps are the same thing as milia under eyes. Although there is something you can do to get rid of the spots and bumps, remember to see a dermatologist first before trying to remove them. Sun exposure may also be a cause and so to get rid of the white lines and circles, you may need to avoid sun exposure or use eye creams with SPF.
Acne, sun exposure, fungal infection or Fordyce spots could be the cause of small raised bumps on your face that are not pimples. Paula Begoun, the author of “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me” says that this is attributed to the fact that baby’s skin is still “learning to exfoliate”.
What could I be dealing with here?” This question was posed to use by one of our readers in the comment section of another related article. They also feel relatively firm compared to acne pimples and squeezing them “…has little to no impact” as Paula Begoun, the author of “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me” puts it. You are often confused with a condition called Epstein pearls, which involves the appearance of harmless white-yellow cysts on a newborn’s gums and mouth. Just Simply Follow These Easy TechniquesBabies having a good laugh with canine lick and kiss!
Here’s how to get rid of white spots under eyes, causes and treatments to remove tiny white bumps that form above eyelids.
One of the parts of the face that can be very uncomfortable when you get tiny white dots is the under eyes and the eyelids. Below, we will discuss what white dots and patches on face are, the causes of white dots and how to get rid of white patches, bumps and circles under eyes. Most of the allergens that may cause this problem are found in mouthwashes, toothpastes and eye makeup. Some people describe them as white patches, others as small bumps on eyelids and under the eye. Your dermatologist may also recommend some creams to get rid of white circles under your eyes, or some medications that may treat underlying causes of white dots under eyes. Some skin conditions that manifest in white bumps don’t pose a health concern and heal without necessitating treatment while others may benefit from simple self care measures and yet others warrants the attention of your doctor. For instance, suffering from small painful white dots around eyes may mean that the papules are caused by a bacterial or fungal infection around the eye. Therefore, keep in mind that you could be dealing with a symptom of skin allergy around your eyes. Well, if you have white circles under your eyes, you definitely have a pigmentation problem that is also called vitiligo. Here’s a guide on treatment and how to get rid of those tiny dots on your face that look like Fordyce spots.

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