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If you followed my Professional Lighting tutorial about setting up two strobe lights for photographing fashion, you will know where the image we are starting with came from. You can also start with a professional taken photo from stock photo websites, or from any of your own projects.
I have to say that when I chose this shot from whole bunch taken, I was pretty happy with it already.
It is very important to know what you want to do, before you start, to avoid complications in the process. I like to use Photoshops Camera Raw, as it is integrated with Adobe Bridge and Photoshop, making my life a bit easier. After opening the photograph in Photoshop, the first thing you want to do is get rid of all the dust you have on your sensor, spots, blemishes etc. You have to be very careful, as this technique if over done tends to change, or even blur skin texture. Having dealt with imperfections in our photo, it is time to sculpt our models face a little bit with the Liquify tool. I like when the face is more defined by sharper lines in general, but that is personal preference. I like when it is done as natural as possible, but that can be achieved only if you did good work removing spots to begin with! I always airbrush with the Stamp tool with opacity set to very low, around 20%, and by hand. Again, be wary of overdoing it, as it might create an unnatural effect, and ruin all our hard work. Sometimes it is a good idea to take few minutes brake from looking at the image to get your judgement back on track. You’re welcome to download the source files from this project to take a closer look if you wish. Photography as a medium, fashion photography to be more specific have to sell… Be colourful and eye catching.

The only technique used, that is unique for computer editing is Liquifying, changing facial structure. This tutorial definitely didn’t go into theory for the best way to make someone look in a photo. It looks like it is normal to retouch someone this much, but I prefer to keep it as real as possible.
Wow, it’s amazing to see what just a few simple things can do to create such great results!
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So you want to take your collection of photographs from decades past and be able to send them through email? Adobe Photoshop has a built-in filter (Filter>Noise>Dust & Scratches) that will quickly and easily remove them.
In order to use the Rubber Stamp, you must first define a source point (this is the spot on the image where you will be copying from). If the source point and the spot you started erasing align correctly, you can patch over the whole spot and make it look as if the smudge were never there! With the grass you just need to follow the shadow, this is actually easier than following the hard edge because you dont need to be as exact. This article is a continuation of a case study tutorial on: Professional Lighting for Model Photography. This is because it is very easy to go one step to far and change our model into an overdone plastic doll.
You basically just listed the tools in Photoshop you used without explaining anything about how or why you used them. But I suppose that is one of the advantages of developing photographs on your screen, not in the darkroom.

The down side to this, however, is it does this by blurring the entire image, and by assuming that the dust and scratches are so small that you wont need to blur the image too much. This method takes a little bit of patience and creativity, but the results are the best you could hope for. Were going to get rid of that smudge next to the wheel well first, so we must be careful to leave the black edges intact.
Align the cursor with the black edge the same way as you had when selecting the source point but this time dont click the mouse.
All you need to do is match the hard edge by setting the source point to a good spot near the hair.
ISO I used was 100 to keep noise level as low as possible, and my white balance was set to Flash light as we were shooting with strobe lights.
In certain cases, this filter can be used effectively, but I prefer to use a different method so I dont have to blur the image at all. The rubber stamp (or clone stamp) tool has been a major feature of Adobe Photoshop since the first release in 1990 and since then, it hasnt changed much at all.
To do this, select the source point (hold the alt key and single-click the mouse) in a clear part of the body using the black edge as a point of reference. The only problem with scanning old film and photographs is the degradation in quality: dust, scratches, and fading color. In this guide I will show you how to use the rubber stamp tool to remove dust and scratches from your photograph.

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