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Since my blog typically caters to athletes or those looking to get started in some sort of athletic endeavor I decided to do my tutorial on how to get rid of the smell of your stinky sneakers.
Bring indoors to a dry ventilated area (don’t leave in a garage or outdoors, especially if a humid environment).
Once dry, check for odor.  If odor still exists sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda into the shoes and re-stuff with paper.

And remember take care of your sneakers they are your gear for your sport and you need them to be in good condition.  Replace them as needed or better yet invest in a few pair to rotate and give ample time to air out and have them last longer. This entry was posted in On My Mind, Triathlon & Racing and tagged Feel Good Blog Challenge, Running, Smelly Shoes, Stinky Sneakers, Tri Tips, triathlon. You don’t even need to get the paper, I keep all the ones they toss into your driveway and use that.

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