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Being a natural bleaching agent, lemon extract works on the discolored patches as soon as within 6-8 weeks. Its gentle natural acid contents expose the layer of fresh skin cells from beneath the blemished upper stratum. As all of these contain enough natural acids, regular usage (up to 6-7 weeks) of these lightens the spots greatly by peeling away the damaged skin.Cut a small piece from a raw papaya and smash it properly. Now, apply it on the discolored patches to fade them away.Castor oil is an excellent item that can be used for treating sunspots effectively. The acids used in these procedures efficiently disintegrate and soften the dead and spoiled skin cells while exposing the fresh, even skin beneath.When the damage is serious enough, laser resurfacing can alleviate it effectively by targeting the deeper stratum of the blemished skin.
In this two-hour long method, a high energy light beam is used along with anesthesia and more sessions might be required for the best solution. Ample care and limited sun exposure are important after going through this treatment.Microdermabrasion can also be done to get a smoother and cleaner skin by exfoliating the damaged outer layer of it. The process needs fine grained crystals for its function and takes 2-3 sessions for complete healing.Sunspots can also be cured with the help of Cryotheraphy.

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