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Belly button piercing is beautiful, but unfortunately it requires good piercing techniques, high standards of hygiene and best aftercare for effective healing. There is constant navel piercing soreness and high skin sensitivity that can be irritated by the touch of a shirt or blouse.
You can see with your eyes the navel piercing jewelry through the skin due to the reducing thickness.
The navel holes sizes around the piercing increase in size and you can see them becoming larger. Various ways on how to clean an infected belly button piercing can help in getting rid of the bump. Sea salt soak: This is the best way on how to get rid of belly button piercing bump at home. Gently press the cotton ball to your infected belly button piercing as you hold in place until it the ball cools off.
Chamomile Tea Bag Compress: Dip the tea bag in warm water and compress it on your belly button piercing bump. Tea Tree Oil: Dilute the oil using any good skin care oil and dub on the piercing using a cotton bud.
Visiting your doctor is the best approach for the treatment of your belly button piercing infection. Keeping it clean is the best way to not only treat an infected belly button piercing but also preventing infections.
Strictly follow the aftercare tips of cleaning, using the right ingredients and avoiding contamination of the piercing. Cleaning your newly pierced belly button is the best way to prevent an infection and promote faster healing as well.
Thoroughly wash your hands with liquid antibacterial soap and dry them using the clean paper towel.
Apply little soap on the clean cotton swap and gently swab around the belly button piercing.
Soak a clean cotton ball into the sea salt water solution and squeeze out most of the excess water. Take some clean warm water and splash on your belly button to wash off salt residue and dry using clean paper towel. Body piercings heals in different rates, which implies that, some takes longer to heal that the other. Avoid use of iodine based products and ointment which can cause dust to stick of the piercing and lead to accumulation of pus. You should never twist, turn or slide your jewelry, because that might push bacteria into your healing belly button piercing. If you have to touch your navel piercing for some reason, be sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap or put on gloves first. Protect your piercing from cosmetic products, because they can irritate your sensitive new piercing..

Try not to sleep on your stomach during the healing process, particularly if you’ve recently gotten a navel piercing.
You may develop an allergic reaction even though you are properly taking care of your piercing. Get more insights on how to treat an infected belly button piercing, causes, how to clean and how to get rid of belly button piercing bump and pain.
The redness on your piercing is normal for the first two weeks, but if the redness persists more than this, it may be a sign of belly button piercing infection. Yellow discharge is normal after a week from the session but extreme amount of discharge should worry you. But for some people, seeking medical attention may be the only option if the infection is not responding to aftercare treatments.
Before you touch, ensure you have washed your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap. Example is a keloid scar tissue which mostly forms behind the back of the ear, on the cartilage or on the nose.
During the healing process, it’s normal for the body to excrete lymph, which is a clear substance that dries to a whitish crust. Once fully healed, you can use Smelly Gelly as a deodorizer that will also act as a helpful lubricant when inserting tapers and new jewelry. You may be allergic to the piece of jewelry or your piercing may have been done with contaminated tools. Have the piercing done by a trained and licensed professional in a clean and sterile environment.
But if the skin feels and looks thin then yes, there's a possibility you are rejecting the bar, it may also be just the metal.Try Surgical Steel. Surface Piercings are unlike nose and earlobe piercings where the jewelry's entrance and exit holes are not on the same plain (it goes through the skin and out the other side).
Granulomas is a bump that forms as a result of overgrown body tissue and may not be due to an infection. Undiluted tea tree oil can burn your skin a reason as to why you should dilute using any skin friendly oil. The best way to deal with crusties is to soak them with saline salt solution to soften them, and then gently wipe them away with a tissue. Infected belly button piercing should be taken to a doctor for treatment to avoid more complications.
However, if you are allergic to the jewelry, the reaction can be less-than-beautiful; it can be downright ugly, sore and a little disgusting. Do not apply the cold pack directly to your belly button, use a shirt or a towel as a barrier.
I'm not using sea salt though, my piercer told me to use Dial Anti-bacterial soap only and not to bother with sea salt or saline.
Navel and Eyebrow and other Surface Piercings are listed as Surface Piercings when the entrance and exit holes are on the same plain.

When the bump resembles a pimple and contains a discharge, there is a reason to worry of an infection. This solution helps to irrigate the new piercing without causing irritations to sensitive skin. It's not a bad thing but maybe you're allergic to the metal thats what happened to me just buy a 14k gold one and put it in. Surface Piercings have 'high' rejection rates because your body tends to treat it like a splinter and try to 'push' it out of the body.A good piercer will discuss this with you before getting your navel pierced.
Stick with jewelry that is made of 14 or 18 karat gold, titanium, surgical-grade steel or niobium. Call him if I had ANY questionsIf you guys are really really worried, just call your piercer. Gold will make it worse, your best chance of limiting infection is surgical steel.its normal. Anyway, at first it was sore, but once I was cleaning it about a week later and a CRAPLOAD of pus came out. Rejection is determined by several factors, but here is a small list:1) the type of navel you have2) jewelry material compatibility (DO NOT buy cheap navel jewelry and buy your jewelry from reputable places so you know what they are made of! It's a wound so it needs to heal and draining (the pus) is normal **if it smells and the pus is a funky color CALL YOUR DOCTOR OR PIERCER**. Always sterilize new jewelry before inserting into your navel NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU HAVE HAD YOUR NAVEL PIERCING!
Anyway, the top hole got better then the bottom hole got all gross again this was a part of the healing process.
I took my ring out today for about 6 hours and at first it was crazy looking and I thought I would be disfigured FOREVER!
By the time I put it back in, it was just a little bit of a scar, so if you're worried that you HAVE to have a ring in, don't. All you're doing is keeping the wound fresh and encouraging your body to reject it because of the constant irritation! All you need to do is eat healthy, get lots of sleep, take your vitamins and protect your piercing from dirty shower or bath water! If you must clean your fresh piercing, do a sea salt soak soak once a day to help drain build up of fluids. However, you should just leave it alone and let your body heal - DO NOT TOUCH your piercing with dirty hands)If you can see the piercing through your skin, it means your body is rejecting it and you have no choice but to take it out or just wait for it to fall out.

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