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Getting started with email split testing can be daunting if you’re not quite sure what to do.
To set your mind at ease we’ve put together a list of things you need to consider for email split tests.
Dobbies Garden Centre’s hypothesis was that adopting a mobile responsive template would get better results. The reason for this is changing more than one element at a time will make result attribution impossible.
If you want to test multiple elements, you need to use the multivariate testing methodology explained later in this guide. Even if you think you’ve found the perfect combination, you still need to carry on testing to see how things change. Download our ‘Email Testing Planner’, and get more advice on what makes great tests from our new guide ‘Optimize your Email Campaign Performance with Testing’. This is the second part of an ebook that we recently published entitled 8 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Eliminating Bed Bugs. Researchers have learned that bed bugs (left untreated) double their population every 16 days and even faster in warm weather.

The bottom line is that a wait and see approach to bed bugs is rarely the correct course of acction when trying to avoid an infestation.
Zip is the smallest member of the Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions’ team and his name really says it all. Lexi is a three-year-old lab mix who came to us from Kansas where she had been surrendered by her owner and then trained at Iron Heart Training Center. Have a clear objective from the start and you’ll better understand the impact of your test.
They tested it against their existing template and saw a 400% increase in click-to-open rates.
This is the most important thing to get right – otherwise your data won’t be relevant, and you won’t know if your results are just down to a random variation. Otherwise, changing the time would add a second variable to your split testing and skew the results.
Having three or more variants of colors in a call-to-action button is a correct split test, but changing the copy as well as the colors is not.
That’s why it’s also more reliable to test one word change at a time in a subject line or headline, rather than change the whole sentence.

For example, five bugs in your home at the beginning of a month turn into 20 bugs at the end of that month and 320 bugs by the end of three months. It’s trickier with a tone of voice test, but we recommend you keep the message similar to have some consistency.
Their interests and finances may change, and the novelty of your latest enhancements may wear off after a while.
Both are extremely problematic for a homeowner or anyone who doesn’t want to be bitten and live with a lot of bed bugs. On the other hand, testing the subject line, sender name and pre-header text will most likely impact your open rates.
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