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If your family has a history of diabetes, you may wish to consider removing your children's toes.
Babies' toes pose a specific health risk for a very common condition known as "hair tourniquet." A parent's hair wraps around the baby's toe, quickly cutting off circulation. Especially if diabetes runs in the family, physicians should advise parents to cut off their babies' toes. My girlfriend's cousin's boyfriend's aunt's baby had to have a toe removed because of a hair tourniquet. Athlete's foot is such a problem in North America today that there is an entire industry based on foot hygiene products. Fungal treatments like Lamisil and Lotrimin make a killing of money off of people with fungal problems.
Compound the hygiene and fungus products with the need for surgery, and having toes becomes very expensive, very fast.

I know quite a few guys that had to have part of their nail root killed because they had recurring ingrown toenails. They have to feed and wash old people, and sometimes, if the men are intact, they have to (gulp) pull back the foreskin and rinse! If the condition becomes severe, the baby must be taken to the ER and have the hair removed immediately. If not properly washed, toe jam can develop between the toes and the foot will give off an unpleasant odor. It is such a common incident, and there is a danger that the wound(s) may not heal correctly, causing the entire foot to be gangrenous.
The AAP should recommend that all doctors advise parents that they remove their child's toes in infancy.
This means washing them, clipping their toenails (that never stop growing) and making sure there is no gunk between the toes or fungus under the nail beds.

The patients had to undergo surgery after surgery, until the gangrene had left them with a stump up to their thigh. It would make elderly caretakers' jobs SO much easier if their patients simply didn't have any toes. If parents can demand a doctor circumcise their son, then it only follows that they should be able to demand a doctor remove their child's toes. God is meant to be perfect, so why didn't he just not make foreskins in the first place?

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