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If you have any questions about birth control options, the clinicians in our Women’s Services department are happy to help you figure out which options is right for you. The content of this site is published by the site owner(s) and is not a statement of advice, opinion, or information pertaining to The Ohio State University. One in four American women has chosen Planned Parenthood for health care at least once in her life.
This is a reaction to products that irritate the vaginal area, such as harsh detergents, scented items, douches, latex condoms, and tight-fitting clothing. Do you have vaginal pain that spreads upward to the pelvis and are you unable to walk due to the pain? Do you have very heavy vaginal bleeding (you saturate more than 1 full size pad or super absorbent tampon in an houra€™s time) with any of the following problems?

With vaginal pain, do you use an IUD for birth control and do any of the following conditions apply? Has a vaginal discharge or irritation been present for longer than 1 week despite using Self-Care? Neither text, nor links to other websites, is reviewed or endorsed by The Ohio State University. In fact, the rate of depression in the postabortion group was equal to the rate of depression in the general population. The pain can be severe or it can occur midway in the menstrual cycle or during a pelvic exam. A sitz bath basin is a device that fits on the toilet seat and is used to cleanse the genital area.

As for post-traumatic stress symptoms, the rate was 1% in the postabortion group compared with an estimated 11% in women of the same age in the general population. Women who need an abortion and are more than 9 weeks pregnant can have an in-clinic abortion.

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