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Welcome to Gadling’s feature, Plane Answers, where our resident airline pilot, Kent Wien, answers your questions about everything from takeoff to touchdown and beyond. It seems like there are many different factors to seriously consider before joining an airline, especially since you are hoping to be with the airline for several years. I was incredibly fortunate to get noticed and successfully navigate the interview process with the airline that I most wanted to work for. Often the airline of choice will vary and today, the freight operators like FedEx and UPS are at the top of most pilots list. For me, I wanted the opportunity to fly internationally and to fly more than one type of airplane. With regards to the breaks, it’s usually the relief pilot who goes back for the first break.
After this became such a public issue, we did give some thought to the ramifications to sitting in an airplane for so many hours at a time.
Most pilots try to drink enough water during the flight, and we occasionally stand up in the cockpit for a moment at cruise and stretch. After September 11th, it’s become a bit of a hassle to use the lavatory, so we try not to overdo it on the water.
Since we have three pilots on the flights scheduled to be 8 hours or more, we’re lucky to get a two hour break in the cabin, which probably helps curb the DVT potential. 2 Billion Air Passengers Already Travel Through Green Airports, With Europe at the LeadU.S. It is perfectly okay (and legal) to travel with leather clothing and related items, and even wear a pair of leather pants, leather shirt, jacket, and boots on the plane (give the cabin attendants something nice to look at!) Don't worry about the TSA boys getting all uptight. Some guys traveling to leather events tend to bring everything they own with them, and do not have fun because of struggling with all their stuff. These tips were developed on inspiration from a guy who sent me an email asking me to share my personal experience learned by traveling more than 1,500,000 actual air miles all over the world.

Another reason you want to be able to remove your boots is if you are on a flight lasting more than three hours. You are allowed to carry one piece of luggage and one "personal item" with you on the plane. If you have custom leather gear that would be expensive to replace, put the custom gear in the carry-on bag. That "Personal Item" may include a back pack, which is a nifty way to carry more gear with you.
Airlines have differing amounts of luggage that may be checked for free and for extra charges.
One piece of checked luggage, size: 62" - 157cm (L+W+H), such as in the form of a wheeled suitcase of 26" x 24" x 12".
Place all the stuff with metal in or on it (metal rimmed hats, hand cuffs, suspenders, harnesses, flashlights, cock rings, boot chains) and toys (paddles, gags, etc.) in luggage that you will check. I have heard from guys who travel with paddles, gags, handcuffs, tit clamps, dildoes, whips, floggers, or other such toys that even if luggage were inspected, they have not had a problem and nothing has been confiscated by TSA. A note about police batons (billy clubs): while it is legal to carry a baton in checked luggage (but not in carry-on luggage), in many states, cities, and in Washington, DC, it is not legal to carry or wear one with a uniform on the street unless you're a bonifide cop on duty. If you have uniform shirts made of leather or cloth onto which insignia (patches) of official police or other agencies have been applied, pack the shirt(s) in checked luggage.
For leather in checked luggage, wrap plain white (non-colored) tissue paper around the leather gear, so the leather will not stick to other leather.
Many states have laws that prohibit transportation of more than two cartons of cigarettes over state lines.
Do not bring poppers (See this guy's true story), pot, meth, or drugs of any sort, either in checked luggage or (worse) in carry-on bags. The only drugs you should have with you are those prescribed by a physician to you (your name is on the label) and that are in the original container as provided by a pharmacy.

Many places still are not completely accessible, and have stairs and other areas where you just have to pick up luggage and carry it. Write or type your name, home address, and home and cell phone numbers as well as the name of the place(s) you are staying with the street address(es) and phone number(s) on a sheet of paper, and put it inside each piece of checked and carry-on luggage so it is the first thing someone else would see if the bag is opened. If you are traveling outside the United States, be cautious about the toys and accessories that you bring. You have mentioned before the importance of a pilot staying with one airline throughout his career because seniority is everything. I might not be typical of most pilots, but I actually enjoy going to school to learn a new aircraft. Who determines who flies first, who lands the aircraft and are the relief crews required to get shut eye? When flying as a relief pilot all month, it’s possible to trade for a co-pilot trip every now and then to maintain the requirement for three landings in 90 days.
The flying pilot will take the second break so they’re prepared and not rushed to prepare for the approach. It’s the transcons that have the potential for pilots to sit for extended periods at a time. Recently, you also noted that some airlines like Air France will even pay for a pilot’s training, which sounds like a nice incentive to try to become their employee.
The non-flying pilot will then take the last leg, arriving back in the cockpit at least thirty minutes prior.
Otherwise, the device and its case with cords and attachments will serve as the personal item.

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