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DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot in a deep vein which usually affects the leg or pelvis. The most serious complication of a DVT is the potential for it to develop into a pulmonary embolism.
To treat a DVT, usually the patient will be put on a course of anticoagulants or blood-thinning medication to break down the clot. As always don’t hesitate to ask your Bend + Mend Physio if you have any more questions! Call us to schedule your initial consultation with a fully-qualified Physiotherapist today.
It is not a problem exclusive to long haul or even short distance flights, but airlines are taking greater steps to ensure that passengers are fully aware of the dangers of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Leading reports suggest that the chances of getting DVT are tripled from taking long haul flights of four hours or more, while studies also indicate that women, particularly those taking the contraceptive pill, overweight people, and exceptionally tall or short passengers, are most at risk. The threat of a venous thrombosis (either DVT or pulmonary embolism) is also true from any excessive period of sitting, such as a long car journey or desk-bound job.
A number of airlines recently introduced a device called the “Airogym”, which enables airline passengers to exercise their calf muscles in flight using an air-filled pad on the floor, in order to reduce the risk of life-threatening blood clots. It was invented by a retired British Airways pilot who had been at the controls of his plane when a passenger was taken ill with DVT. Airlines are also looking at all possible ways of getting the message over to passengers that regular exercise and drinking lots of water or non-alcoholic drinks are the best way to avoid developing a thrombosis. One of the airlines leading the way in DVT information is Emirates, which operates out of Birmingham International Airport to Dubai and many worldwide destinations beyond.
It has a huge amount of information on its website, but also directs the message straight to its passengers once they are already on board the plane. This includes a page in its inflight magazine, under the heading of Comfort In The Air, which has a collection of helpful travel tips.
And Emirates’ inflight entertainment system also boasts a dedicated on-demand radio channel containing similar information and advice.

A spokesman for the Dubai-based airline said they also do a number of other things to promote health in the air, such as serving water and fruit juices at regular intervals throughout flights, and offering a wide range of meals which can be ordered to meet health and dietary needs. Information to be found on Emirates’ website also advises passengers to wear loose and comfortable clothing, do not put bags under the seat in front of you in order to stretch your legs and exercise feet and ankles, keep mobile, and keep well hydrated, avoiding alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Emirates also suggests that any passengers likely to be at increased risk of DVT should seek advice from their doctor before travelling and discuss possible medical precautions such as anti-embolic stockings or anti-coagulant medication before flying. One recent study into the problems associated with DVT was jointly funded by the UK Government, the Netherlands Heart Foundation and the European Commission. The results, published in the medical journal PLoS Medicine, followed a study of 8,755 people who worked for organizations which kept records of their business travel between 1998 and 2006.
Participants answered questionnaires about whether they had other potential risk factors for venous thrombosis, such as being overweight or on the contraceptive pill. Researchers found that, overall, venous thrombosis was about three times more common in the eight weeks after a long haul flight than at other times. Despite the increased risk, the study concluded that it did not justify the use of preventative measures, such as anticoagulants, for all long haul travellers.
Locally Healthy, Digital Life Sciences, Waterloo House, 20 Waterloo Street, Birmingham B2 5TBImportant NoticeThe information provided on this website including medical information, is for use as information or for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor or other qualified healthcare professionals. Cosmetic surgery abroad in Egypt makes perfect sense., not only are flights and package holidays absolute bargains and the weather is good all year round, being close to Europe, Africa and the Middle East with a warm to hot dry climate Egypt is an ideal destination to rejuvenate and recuperate, whatever the time of year. Egypt is just a short flight from Europe and it's Arab and Africanneighbours so avoids the complications associated with long haul flights. Full medical assessment to avoid medical problems related to surgery, with DVT assessment tool and prophylaxis schedule, to avoid DVT related to travel. Why not book through us a lovely holiday with family or friends and taste the aspects of Egypt that attract s you the most, whether it is the history and wonder of anciant civilisations or the pure decadence of relaxing in complete luxury in a specially designed and specifically planned resort such as El Gouna.. For those of you who are worried about going for cosmetic surgery abroad, nervous about the unknown, periodic escorted trips are available, where an experienced UK trained nurse escort is arranged to escort you through your experience in hospital and while you need help during those first few days after surgery. This is when the DVT dislodges from the leg and travels into the vessels of the lungs which is very dangerous and can affect a persons’ ability to breathe.

If you have any of the risk factors above then speak to your GP about getting a pair of compression stockings to wear on your next long haul flight.
But airlines are doing more than their bit to address the issue as far as their passengers are concerned. We do not warrant that any information included within this website will meet your health or medical requirements.
The cost of living in Egypt is much lower than most countries especially European countries so prices of everything mirror this difference, and you can really enjoy the good life. Heba is an experienced cosmetic surgeon as well as a plastic surgeon so is right up to date with the latest cosmetic surgical and non surgical techniques such as minimally invasive mid face and brow surgery using endoscopic access. You can enjoy a great time with your friends or family,have a free consultation (when you book your holiday with us), and check out the facilities. The escort would stay with you for your admission, surgery and immediate post operative period. Research shows that the development of a DVT is probably due to a combination of dehydration and immobility, as well as other risk factors including coronary heart disease, obesity, cigarette smoking, pregnancy, taking a high dose combined oral contraceptive pill, family history of DVT, or recent surgery or injury. Try to avoid alcohol and coffee whilst flying, and also see below for some calf exercises to improve circulation. Fat transfers, filler and or botox techniques for younger people who don't need full facial surgery.
It is also possible to develop a DVT during prolonged periods of immobility so you can be at higher risk after a long drive or sitting at the computer for extensive periods without moving. She also combines fat transfers and liposuction with surgery for contouring the face and body.

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