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We are blessed with many beneficial elements in our vicinity which can help in curing many kinds of physical problems.
This is a natural source of antibacterial property which helps in the control of bladder infection. It has got anti-inflammatory property which helps in diminishing the problem of bladder infection. NATURAL WAY TO CURE BLADDER INFECTION IN DOGSChinese medicine used this product is not know if there is.
Baking Soda Concoction Half a teaspoon of baking soda mixed in warm water is believed to ward off the bladder infection. Yoghurt If the reason behind you bladder infection is yeast or fungus then yoghurt can work a miracle on the infection.
Diet Treatments For Bladder Infection Whenever suffering from bladder infection, ensure that you keep away from fermented food.
Place a heating pad, warm blanket or other heat source on the lower abdomen to decrease discomfort and pain associated with the bladder infection. You can have 1 cup of fresh juice of pineapple regularly every day for visible improvement. You need to consume a solution made of 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water every day for 1 to 2 weeks to get rid of the problem of bladder infection. You need to pour hot water in a hot water bag and place it on the lower abdomen for few a minutes. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Fresh fruit juices , coconut water or even vegetable juices can help in controlling this infection.

However, it is a double edged sword and you must be really careful and keep certain points in mind before you use this remedy. Processed foods, junk food, caffeine and refined sugar can slow down the healing process of bladder and therefore it is best to avoid them completely. Army as a combat medic and nurse for over six years and recently worked as the Community Relations Director for a health center.
It occurs when bacteria enter the bladder through the urethra and travel up the urinary tract. Many times, a medical doctor will prescribe antibiotics over the phone if you are a woman and fall in the low-risk category, according to the New York Times Health Guide. Uncomplicated bladder infections often require a three day course of oral antibiotics for women and a 7 to 14 day course for men. You can have fresh non-sweetened juice of cranberry regularly for getting rid of bladder infection.
This will bring the acidity of the urine under control, which will decrease the problem of bladder infection. Processed fruit juices should be avoided as they contain refined sugar and flavours which will do more harm by slowing down the effects of medicines that you might be taking for infection.
Substitute sugar with honey as honey has anti-microbial properties and will increase the potency of cranberry juice against this infection. This juice is an anti-oxidant and destroys the infection causing bacteria and yeast. Consume a lot of vitamin C laden food items and juices with this concoction. People who have gastric issues, liver and kidney diseases should steer clear of this remedy altogether. Low-risk women are often younger than 55, not pregnant, do not suffer from diabetes and have no symptoms of vaginitis. Those suffering from diabetes or who are pregnant will take a 7 to 14 day course of antibiotics.

There are many medicines available in the market for treating bladder infection, but I would suggest you to opt for easy and safe home remedies for bladder infection. You should have 4 to 5 glasses of non-sweetened cranberry juice everyday for keeping the problem of bladder infection at bay. You need to drink this solution twice a day regularly for noticeable improvement in the case of bladder infection.
Thereafter it excretes it through urinary tract and out of the body. There are numerous causes of infection in bladder.
Do not go for processed over the counter cranberry juice as it may contain sugar and added flavours which will make it quite useless against the infection. If you happen to experience fatigue, dizziness and dryness of mouth after using this remedy then stop immediately and seek your doctor’s advice. Have 5-6 glasses in a day and urinate frequently. The anti-microbial agent in this herb are sure to destroy the infection causing germs in the bladder and tract. Follow this up with a glass of warm water mixed with honey. Both of these drinks will not only clean the urinary tract with their anti-microbial agents but also ensure that it keeps away from you in the future too.
Common antibiotics used to fight a bladder infection include amoxicillin, ampicillin and ciprofloxacin.
Create a cleaning regimen for genitals when taking bath and use a mild intimate wash after consultation with your physician. Many cases of cystitis will resolve without medical treatment, but a short course of antibiotics will hasten the cure.

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