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The acidic property of lemon fruit supports to destroy infected bacteria and give relief from different symptoms of laryngitis.
Honey is highly beneficial for reducing pain in irritated throat because of its medicinal and anti-microbial properties. Take a glass of warm water and crush the lemon to make juice of it by adding a pinch of salt into it. Take garlic and ginger in equal composition and then crush these two components by using grinder and collect the liquid by filtering the pulp. Usually, the symptoms of laryngitis are cold, sore throat, dry cough, sorefever, swollen lymph glands, runny nose, pain with swallowing, and tickling sensation in patient’s throat, which can lead to loss of voice finally.

First, it helps in destroying the virus and bacteria; secondly, it aids in healing the infected sore throat and vocal cord. As you know, lemon juice helps in the production of saliva and also stimulates in loosening mucus of your throat.
Cover your head with the help of a towel in such a way that you are inhaling all vapours coming out from the bowl.Try this process once in every day, early morning for ten minutes. You can choose hot black tea with lemon, which reduces your throat pain and helps to get relief from laryngitis. Making a habit of this method for some days will help you to get rid of laryngitis within a couble of weeks.

Very soon you will realize your pain and inflammation is reducing day to day and finally the problem of Laryngitis will disappear. But you should take care about the salt quantity, which can create an irreatation in your throat due to high content of salt.
Hence, it is essential to pick right quantity of salt according to the quantity of warm water.

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