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The biggest applause at the opera always goes to those long notes that seem like they might never end. Most people can still go to work with a cold (to the dismay of their co-workers across the cubicle divider), but “for an opera singer, it can be ‘The End of the World!!!’” said Paulo Szot, who plays Dr. So when Szot, who doesn’t remember ever canceling a show due to illness, first feels a tickle in his throat, he gets to work. When a throat tickle turns into a dreaded cold, Nadine Sierra, who you can see in Rigoletto for one more week, sleeps with a humidifier on high so that her bedroom “feels like a rainforest,” she said. Of the five opera singers we interviewed, the biggest refrain was the ginger, lemon, honey combination. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast.

So says Taylor Swift, who believes a dose of Craisins and a cute card with a frowning kitten should cure a cold-stricken backup singer – and keep the bug from spreading.
And when they do, you’re both impressed at the fortitude of the singer and relieved no glass broke like it always does in cartoons.
He gargles a few times a day with a mixture of warm water, salt, and a little vinegar (apple cider works just fine)—especially crucial before bed. They “will do whatever there is to help minimize the symptoms: taking vitamins, inhalation, acupuncture, resting, hydration, etc,” said Szot. During the highly competitive Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, which helps young opera singers get their careers off the ground, Sierra was nursing a cold with bowls of homemade chicken soup.
But more than one mentioned zinc, which doctors are hesitant to recommend because studies are still on the fence about its effectiveness.

That soup must have had some good luck noodles in them, because that year, she was the only female winner. Often those sprays and lozenges are labeled homeopathic, because they aren’t regulated by the FDA. Getting sick when you play a two-hour show every night is really inconvenient." So sniffly Liz has been "basically quarantined" except for the time she's on stage, but it was so lonely in the dressing room that Swift wrote an "I Miss You" card. But a part-time karaoke career isn’t quite as high-stakes as professional opera singers’, who have to train their throats like Olympians or risk being upstaged by their ambitious understudies.

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