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Through an unusual welding of Ayurveda and nanotechnology, two India-born scientists have developed a medicine that promises to cure prostate cancer, which will now be tested by a local company.
Six years after leprosy was declared officially eliminated in India, officials and doctors are warning that the disfiguring disease is spreading in poverty-stricken pockets of the country.
Music therapy can be used to improve treatment of depression, at least in the short term, say researchers in Finland.

Beverages sweetened with fructose or high-fructose corn syrup can worsen cardiovascular risk factors, even in the young and healthy, researchers have found. In a joint effort between Malaysian and Tiwanese institutions, an Executive Diploma programme in Natural Medicine will be launched in Taiwan after Chinese New Year next year.
Crazy fast foods intake and snacking is indulging us in increased food additive consuption especially the anticaking agents used in them.. Disclaimer - The information presented on this website is for information purpose only and should not be interpreted as medical advice.

Discovery of potential cancer ayurvedic drug, WHO warned leprosy is still a concern in India, study found music therapy may help in depression, research say sweetened drinks increases heart disease risk, and the first natural medicine programme to be launched in Taiwan are some of the news worldwide that caught our attention. If you or someone you know suffers from a serious medical condition, please consult your health care provider.

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