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People who are fashionable do not only focus on their dressing such as cloths or shoes but the definition of being fashionable is much vast for them. First of all you should make sure that you clean your belly ring daily while taking a shower. A common practice must be followed that is to take out the belly button ring after few days and go into the sunshine without covering it. Moreover if you feel that the area around your belly button is producing any kind of liquid then there is a need to worry and you should see a doctor as soon as possible.
This gorgeous 14 gauge dream catcher dangle navel ring , inspired by Native American culture, is the perfect way to brighten up your belly!
This gorgeous 14 gauge dream catcher dangle navel ring, inspired by Native American culture, is the perfect way to brighten up your belly! This gorgeous 14 gauge dream catcher dangle navel ring, inspired by Native American culture , is the perfect way to brighten up your belly! This stunning clear gem navel ring comes adorned with three turquoise semi-precious stone beads and an eye-catching feather dangle pendant. This stunning aqua blue gem navel ring comes adorned with three turquoise semi-precious stone beads and an eye-catching feather dangle pendant. Do not expose your piercing to hot tubs, pools, oceans or lakes – they are a breeding ground for infection. Don’t forget to soak your piercing with saline solution after your piercing seems to be well healedand there’s no puss coming out and crusting doesn’t form. Do not use alcohol, bactine or hydrogen peroxide to clean the piercing under any circumstances. Use a mild, antibacterial soap to clean the piercing once or twice a day, preferably in the shower.
PTFE is a white material and doesn’t come in colors, unlikely flexible plastic that cannot be used for initial piercings.
Thanks for sharing your experience with us, and I can totally understand why dancing would interfere with belly piercing healing and make it more troublesome! As a result, infected piercings were common and that, my friend, that is an ugly sight, especially when pus leaks through a leotard.

Deep cleaning of teeth eradicates Plaque as well as microbes and aids to preclude gum disease.
Take water into your hand and mix some soap in it and pour it on your belly button ring in order to make the body germs free. This is because of the fact that the area near the belly button is more sensitive than other parts of the body and people with extra sensitive skin should use a hypoallergenic detergent for washing the clothes as they come in contact with the belly button ring and cause infections.
Some people have the habit of continuously playing with their belly button ring; this causes many diseases at the belly button ring because of dirty or even clean hands.
But do not confuse this clear discharge with pus, which is a thick, colored(yellowish-white) and foul-smelling substance. This is often mistaken for pus but is recognizable by the fact that it is more solid, or cheese-like. You must be committed to your piercing and follow the instructions given to the best of your ability.
A Nexcare Waterproof Bandage or Tegaderm Tranparent Dressing can be used to protect the piercing. Just soak some cotton wool with saline solution and place over your navel for 5 to 10 minutes once or twice a day. This material has a non-stick surface, in other words, body fluids don’t stick to it, thus improving the quality of belly button piercing aftercare. Some sellers mistakenly sell flexible plastic as PTFE, so watch out – real PTFE doesn’t come in colors! I went to a boarding arts high school where we weren’t allowed to have body piercings, especially belly button piercings and if you were caught with one (a common occurrence since we wore leotards for dance and acrobatics for part of every day), you were required to take it out and the jewelry was confiscated. Whenever you take bath or do swimming or come out from a pool, you should apply saline solution on the belly button to prevent it from moisture. You may find that your piercing moves from stage two to three and back again many times before it heals fully. But it may become infected anyway and you should choose a belly button ring that can reduce the likelihood of infection.
PTFE material is used for piercings for pregnant women because of its flexibility and you can buy the shaft separately and choose the endings that you like.

Clean water does not affect the belly button much but whenever your body gets in contact with pool water there are chances that your belly button will be affected. Doing so will transfer vitamin D to your body that plays a vital role in curing and healing the disease and preventing it from infection. If a piercing is mistreated it can regress very quickly and you may find yourself back at square one. Use cotton swabs or gauze pads to remove any stubborn matter – try to avoid using fingernails. Bioplast is a material proven to possess such qualities and you can get bioplast navel ring in great colors and styles.
Lavender oil is also useful for the smooth movement of your belly button ring.How to Cure Belly Button Infection?
You should also consider some other factors to see that whether your belly button ring is fine or not. Crusties are formed when some discharge from your new piercing dries and forms a crust on your jewelry. The article focuses on the ways for cleaning the belly button ring and taking a good care of it.
If you feel problems while wearing jeans and underwear then you should replace the belly button ring or permanently block it.
Lastly I would like to tell you that people who continuously replace their rings face a lot of problems with their belly button.
Your piercing is considered healed at the end of this phase but may still be quite tender and will still need care.

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