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Pyorrhea, also known as advanced stage of periodontal disease is majorly caused by the bacterial infectivity on teeth along with gums. The chomping of green guava had proven as an effective way to cure pyorrhea and for better dental health. Oranges play a vital role in maintaining one’s health system and also provides multiple benefits to cure a number of diseases naturally.
The juice of uncooked spinach is an added precious remedy for the deterrence and treatment of pyorrhea owing to its advantageous effect on teeth and gums.
The leaves of lettuce endow patient with immediate pain relief and assists to control gum inflammation. The lemon is widely acknowledged as a natural antiseptic owing to its properties to confine bacterial growth.

My gum seems to have risen up my tooth, why?I went to sleep one night and I woke up this morning and my gum has sort of climbed up my tooth on my bottom front teeth. Gums  recede gradually but your gums may have suddenly become inflamed enough to get your attention. Usually, pyorrhea is caused by excessive smoking, inadequate intake of nutrition and elevated glucose levels.The symptoms of pyorrhea include swelling in gums, appearance of blood while brushing and swelling of gums. To avoid and cure pyorrhea, it is essential to include oranges in daily diet chart and rubbing of orange skin over teeth and gums provide exceptional results.
Chewing of leaves post having meals delivers extraordinary results and healthy teeth and gums.
Wheat tortillas are typically taken in association with other food stuff to endow with essential exercises for teeth and gum.

There are a number of daily kitchen ingredients that can be used as a home remedy for instant pain relief and total cure in few days. Persons suffering from pyorrhea should chew leaves of guava tree to stop the bleeding and recuperate healthy dental health. Individuals suffering from pyorrhea should avoid usage of toothbrushes with hard bristles and emphasize on smooth massaging of gums while brushing.

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