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If for instance, stomach acid starts to back up, know that this would be responsible for the malfunctioning of the pyloric valve. Recently the modern medicine had become more dominant, since many people prefer using natural remedies for treatment of many medical conditions.
The alternative or folk medicine is rich with many recipes of natural cures that have been used back in the history, and are still being used today.
If you want to try out some of these remedies, in this post we will provide you with one recipe.
This remedy is excellent for people who have constantly problems with colds and sore throats. It’s that time of the year when we all struggle with a sore throat and coughing and these health problems surely drain all our energy.

If you’re tired of always using medicines and you’re looking for a natural way to get rid of the annoying cough and sore throat then all you need is the spicy ginger tea. It’s best if you drink the tea before going to bed or early in the morning after waking up. It improves your blood circulation and reduces stress, and during winter is the ultimate cure for sore throat. Once it’s cooled down a little add the lemon juice and honey, stir it a little and drink it as soon as possible. It is possible to distinguish that sore throats accompany a cold and usually, there is also flu involved.
For example, this has not been treated; the acid reflux would also damage the esophagus and the like.

As for the relief of pain, it would be applicable to sip heated mixture of water, honey and as well as lemon.
After that strain this mixture and add to it 50ml of water and put it again on the stove until it starts boiling. If the sore throat is still there for just a week, visiting a doctor would be of great help.
Do something because if this will be left unwatched, this would lead to various complications like kidney disease, rheumatic fever and also mononucleosis.

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