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Swollen tonsils with white spots can be a sign of tonsillitis, which is an inflammation of the tonsils. You may get swollen tonsils due to bacterial and viral infections like cold, strep throat, measles, herpes simplex virus etc. On a doctor’s visit for swollen tonsils, you may be administered antibiotic prescriptions if the infection is bacterial. However, the swollen tonsils caused due to virus can only be curbed by our immune system and anti-biotic is helpless in treating them.
This works by virtue of salt, which can help fight bacteria and warm water improvises the blood circulation to accelerate healing around the infected area.
For the gagging and swollen tonsils add one part of water and three parts of orange juice and have it warm every day until the symptoms subside. Chicken soup itself is anti-inflammatory helping to soothe the symptoms and curbing further complications.
Prepare and consume this concoction by adding a little cayenne pepper, a piece of crushed ginger and a few basil leaves to get a soothing relief from the pain in throat.
Mix 1 tablespoon honey with 4 cloves of finely crushed garlic and dilute this with lukewarm water.
Turmeric is a very strong inflammation defender, while honey and turmeric both can arrest the growth of micro-organisms to de-materialize tonsil infection. Irritation in the tonsils is usually caused by tonsillitis, which is nothing but the inflammation of the tonsils that occurs due to some bacterial or viral infection.
When tonsils get scratches due to excessive coughing, there are many natural ways to get rid of the discomfort; but if the infection is caused due to some infection high fever, headache, pain while swallowing, red and swollen tonsils will be visible while examination. There are many antibiotics and other medicines available to cure this trouble, but the herbs for tonsils have proved to be the most soothing and long term treatment for tonsil related problems. Comfrey is a healing herb and used extensively for cuts, bruises, wounds burns and even abrasions.
It is recommended that comfrey should not be consumed but the decoction can be prepared by boiling the leaves and letting it steep for a while and gargle with the herbal comfrey preparation. This is a demulcent herb and the root of marshmallow is excellent as a natural cure for tonsil problems. Herbalists recommend consuming the herb on regular basis to get the best effects and the herb is not known to be harmful with moderate dosage.

Garlic is considered to be one of the most easily available herbs for tonsils that not only cures the infection in tonsils but also boosts the immune system. These small pieces should be consumed throughout the day, chewed well and in regular intervals. The herb chamomile is an excellent relaxant and effectively reduces the pain and anxiety caused due to enlarged tonsils along. Let the tea steep for a while so that the goodness of the herb is present at the best in the tea.
Lymphoid tissue is related to lymph glands and the lymphatic system, which is involved with the immune system. Their main function is to trap the infectious particles inhaled inside the body and transmitting them to lymphatic system to have it expelled from the body through immune system. Swelling in tonsils can get better with home remedies, hence read on for brilliant and favorite home remedies to relieve swollen tonsils.
Orange juice is great source of Vitamin C which helps boost immunity to fight infection in tonsils.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Often the irritation starts with sore throat and slight high temperature that can make the situation worse if not controlled with some treatment. Lately, many studies have proved that comfrey leaves if used for gargling can cure most of the problems related to tonsils. It soothes the tonsils and cures the infection; since it has a component called mucilage, the herb also soothes the mucus membrane and cleanses any kind of mucous accumulation. All you need to do is peel a clove of garlic, cut it into two halves, now cut one of those pieces into small bite sized pieces.
Only half clove of garlic is enough for each day; by following this remedy for only one week you can get rid of tonsillitis.
Every time the tea is consumed, you are sure to feel a soothing effect on the tonsils as it addresses the pain and soreness immediately. Herbalists say that patients facing issues with recurrent tonsillitis can use this sage water for gargle twice a day and see the positive difference within few weeks.

Swollen tonsils are usually the result of an infection, and this can cause serious pain and discomfort.
A lot of different materials are present in the mouth since it is the major portal of entry for substances into the body.
At the same time water can keep you hydrated sufficiently to flush the infection off the body.
At the same time Vitamin C present in pepper boosts immunity against the tonsil infections. You can increase the usability of the herb by adding few drops of lemon juice and honey in the tea that aids in quick relief from pain and inflammation of the tonsils.
That is why the mouth and surrounding area have a lot of lymphoid tissue, so any bacteria or other foreign invader can be recognized and dealt with. The body is usually able to deal with this infection and will get better on its own, but sometimes it requires help. In people who have swollen tonsils pain for a long duration of time, it may be appropriate to have a surgery to have the tonsils removed. These collections of cells can develop granulation tissue and enlarge rapidly when immune system is activated.
Over-activation of the immune system can occur with an infection of the tissue with a bacteria or virus. The antibiotics can allow the body to heal faster, but their real purpose to to prevent more serious disease from occurring.
Strep A can cause rheumatic fever, which is a disease of the heart that ruins the conduction system. It is therefore appropriate to investigate the cause of swollen tonsils with white spots and provide treatment quickly to prevent the disease from progressing.

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