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Shortcut Virus Removal Tool: here we highly recommend you to offer quick steps to remove Shortcut Virus from pen drive. To keep your devices free from any virus attacks in the future, regularly scan them before pasting any sort of files into them. If you use your Pendrive, Flash drive, USB drive or sd memory card to receive or send files from one computer to another, you must have encountered this type of virus called "Shortcut Virus". I have recently been infected with this shortcut virus called Odinga when i used my phone sd memory card to receive files from my friends computer.
When your drive is infected with these shortcut virus, it hides all your original files and replace them with a shortcut folder that leads to a different directory. After scanning my memory card with my antivirus, i fix all threats detected by moving them to chest. Once i removed the threat detected by my antivirus, I click on the Start button, select Run and type cmd then hit ok. Don’t forget to replace the g with the letter that corresponds to your own drive letter and then press enter.

The shortcut virus infect your device and turn all the original files and folders into a shortcut. These methods can also work on any drive like pendrive, usb flash, memory card or computer hard drive. All you need to do is to remove the virus first, then reveal your original files, recover them and delete the shortcut virus files that is all. That is all you have to do to recover your files and folders back instead of formatting your drive. Delete all the shortcut and unknown files and copy your original files and folders to another drive. In one of my previous post, i had written about How a virus turn my folders into a shortcut and solutions. But i successfully solved the problem without deleting any file or formatting my sd memory card. He makes money from blogging and other online business and also tutor his blog readers on Tow To Dos.

But it seems that post is not that in depth so i prefer you read this one here and apply it if you are affected. That's why i decided to share how i manage to recover all my hidden files from my sd memory card infected with this virus.
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If you have no antivirus in your PC and your PC got infected with virus, don’t panic you can also remove virus from your PC manually.

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