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Excessive sweating and the accumulation of bacteria are the main reasons for bad body odor. Turnip has many good virtues like the anti-fungi quality that can destroy the growth of fungus and Vitamin C which can improve your skin tone.
It glides on smoothly, thanks to a blend of moisturizers that nourish skin and protect against razor burn and chafing. Swipe it on at night (when your body can best absorb the formula) to minimize moisture with prescription-like power. This mild roll-on formula is fragrance-free, dries in seconds, and won’t irritate sensitive (or freshly shaved) underarms. Extract of hops and zinc help eliminate odor-causing bacteria, while organic aloe vera softens and soothes skin.

It is an embarrassment to smell odd when we are in the midst of people as in the office or any other public places.
The apple cider vinegar can neutralize the pH level of the skin and hence kills the bacteria.
Body odor might seem to be a trivial issue but when people feel gross about us, our boost of self-assurance can be shattered within a split of a second. The antiseptic quality eliminates the microorganisms and the sweet fragrance of the oil gives a beautiful aroma to our skin. Clinically tested: provides effective protection against wetness, so you can feel fresh all day. Be careful not to do this when there is a wound or scratch in your under arms as this can cause pain.

You can make a deodorizer by mixing the oil with water and spray your under arms habitually. Another method is by using rosemary powder daily which can keep you fresh and aromatic all day long.

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