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Zicam offers pre-cold relief, so you don’t have to go through cold and flu season sick. Between a sore throat, runny nose and a feeling of bleh, there’s nothing good about colds or the flu except that they only last about a week. Zicam provides a wide range of zinc-based products that have been shown to be safe and effective when taken as directed to minimize cold and flu symptoms. Zicam is a completely different™ kind of medicine that’s clinically proven to shorten a cold.
There’s no cure for the common cold, but there are a few cold and flu remedies that can help you feel better faster. Zinc: This mineral is used for the treatment of colds, and is especially effective in preventing the onset of the cold or flu. Vitamin C: Studies show that vitamin C can help shorten cold duration by up to 14 percent in children and almost 10 percent in adults.

Echinacea: Like Vitamin C this immune boosting herb has natural antiviral properties and can help decrease the odds of developing a cold by almost 60 percent! Soup: Hot soup that contains fresh vegetables, herbs and spices can soothe inflammation and reduce cold symptoms.
There’s no cure for the common cold but for decades people have used home cold and flu remedies from natural sources including mega-doses of vitamin c to help prevent colds and the flu.
When taken at the first signs of cold or flu, you can get over your cold faster and help stop the onset of a full-on cold. Get rid of your cold faster and even prevent the cold and flu with a cold remedy that can actually reduce symptoms and prevent the onset of the common cold and flu.
Get immediate relief from pain, soreness and irritation with a homeopathic formula that’s great-tasting and natural!
That first sniffle, the first cough or sneeze is when you say “uh-oh.” That’s the stage right before you get a full-blown cold or flu, that’s what is called a Pre-Cold.

Zicam Cold Remedy Plus Sore Throat Lozenges begin to work immediately and have a liquid center for added soothing relief that can help you get over your cold faster!
Used for its effectiveness in 13 different studies, zinc may be able to reduce and even prevent common cold and flu symptoms.
Usually people ignore these symptoms hoping they will just go away but that’s when you need Zicam, within the first 24 hours of that first itchy throat, or runny nose.

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