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I love this little secret tip used by retailers to keep clothes looking brand new and unworn. I just hate it that my softest, most comfortable jeans, the ones that fit me best, are also falling apart from being worn so often. So do I, and you can not imagine how happy I was to find that many stains, spills and snags can be repaired to make the unsightly item wearable again. I love the tips for removing ink and paint from clothing, which as a DIYer, I have encountered more times than I can count. Even a brand new garment can quickly get damaged to the point you would not want to wear it with a little pull. The stain may go away, but the wear and tear to the fabric from all that scrubbing often ends up looking worse than if the item were stained. You guys should try using very strong antiperspirant (like i use sure and it keeps me all day, lucky me ).

Fairly simple, this cool DIY hack will have you wearing your favorite denim for a long time.
Just last week I got to try out this cool trick for removing gum form jeans, I just used it on the couch. I can’t tell you how many things I have donated to charity after I tried to clean them of oil but could not. Learn how to remove stains from clothes easily, and without damaging them, with this simple trick.
Easy sewing project that even beginners can do, this tip is essential when you are living on a budget.
Dresses, shirts, pants, jeans and baby clothes will all look new again with this little DIY hack you will wish you had known a lot sooner.

Sweating can prevent you from getting your dream job too, cause your employers are scared you are too stressed or nervous to handle the job.
From getting rid of oil and gum in clothes,  to fixing frays and pills in sweaters, to adjusting the size of clothes that have become stretched out of shrunk, you will find some amazing tips and DIY hacks here (and they also work great on removing spills and stains from furniture!) Start your spring cleaning and repairing with these cool little tricks you will wish you knew a long time ago. Nobody is saying it is a bad thing to sweat tho after all, the armpit sweat is actually a mixture of water and electrolytes like chloride and other metabolic waste such as lactic acids and urea.

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