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It is important to remark that in order to prescribe birth control pills to women, pharmacists must approve an obligatory training session. The Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) says cervical cancer is the reproductive cancer system's easiest to detect and prevent through consistent doctor checkups.The new law however recommends regular visits to an OB-GYN for women as there are lingering fears that younger womb may avoid their regular check-ups.

Women will have to complete a questionnaire at the pharmacy, in which trained pharmacists will evaluate the person's overall health, based on the answers supplied by the customer.OR passed a large number of progressive laws this January, somewhere around 300, and the birth control has only a small part to play in the matter.
The Californian women will have the advantage of age relaxation; however, they will still be required to fulfill all the formalities as made mandatory by the new Oregonian state law.

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