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The other causes of baby diaper rashes are including fungal or yeast infections, allergies, and any other skin conditions. The other cause of baby diaper rash is skins conditions including eczema or seborrhea that looks like red, dry and itchy patches on the affected area. Finally you consult your pediatrician, and the verdict is clear: your baby has a yeast infection. You may be able to clean the yeast from your diapers with a shortened version of this protocol. If you do bleach, then strip your diapers again afterward to make sure no bleach is left when you start using them again. This entry was posted in Cloth Diaper Care and tagged diaper care, killing yeast in diapers, thrush, yeast. My daughter has had 4 rashes now, and I have done everything mentioned here to clear the yeast from the diapers except bleaching (and microwaving). If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.
Diaper rash that occur caused by fungal infections usually does not respond to the usual diaper cream and it is not easy to get rid of. Baby that is sensitive to particular substances such as soaps, detergents, wipes, or baby diaper may develop diaper rash. You did your research when you were pregnant; you understand the environmental and financial benefits.
Some parents decide that their baby must be allergic to cloth, or that cloth simply won’t work for them.
Use four drops of tea tree oil in place of detergent, and run one wash cycle with cold water. Use four drops of grapefruit seed extract in place of detergent, and run one wash cycle with cold water, rinsing with as much water as possible. Use oxygen cleaner in place of detergent, and run one hot wash cycle with the highest water level possible.

Strip your diapers a final time, using at least three rinses with the hottest water possible. However, if the rash was really caused by yeast, then this protocol should get rid of the rash for good. The rash may be easily treated with keeping the area as dry as possible and regularly air out the skin on the diaper area. Baby might develop allergic reaction when the delicate skin on the diaper area is in contact with the certain allergen.
You navigated the complicated variations of brands and styles to figure out what kind of diapers you wanted, and now you’ve got the perfect diaper system for your baby. But since you’re not sure if the cream is safe for your cloth diapers, you decide to switch to disposables. Use a detergent that’s recommended for cloth diapers and the hottest cycle your washing machine allows. However, if you want to make sure your diapers are really cleared of yeast before you put them back on your baby, you can add another step as a last resort: bleaching with chlorine. She writes about green parenting topics at Organic Baby Atlanta andteaches workshops on cloth diapers and elimination communication. The only other suggestion I have is to give your daughter probiotics as well…even just making yoghurt a regular part of her diet may help. The rash caused by yeast infection usually has a typical appearance, which is red and beefy.
The rash can be persistent and may be localized on the certain part where baby is repeatedly in contact with the allergen. You started using cloth diapers shortly after the meconium passed, and things are going great.
Even after you kill the yeast that was infecting your baby’s skin, the fungus can linger in your diapers.
Then run at least three rinse cycles with as much water as possible, using the hottest water your machine allows.

She recently stopped breastfeeding just after she hit 18 mos, I wonder if that has thrown her bacteria out of whack… This time we are going to wait until the rash has been clear for a week and we are going to bleach the diapers in addition to doing all the stuff you have mentioned here (which is what we have done in the past). Rash on diaper area is not solely caused by diaper rash, that is why when baby has diaper rash that seems not go away mother should think of any other causes.
Try to change the detergents or other harsh chemicals contained product to mild or herbal one, consider to change the brand of disposal diaper or move o cloth diaper. Generally, it’s safe to bleach prefolds, white fitteds, and flat folds, but all-in-ones or pockets may be damaged by bleach. What do you think of spraying the diapers with vinegar just before we put them in the wet bag after she has soiled them? Sometimes babies are sensitive to certain fabrics, and while that wouldn’t cause the yeast rash exactly, it could aggravate it. After a week of anti-fungal treatment, his skin is clear and perfect again, so you switch back to your cloth diapers.
With a little treatment, you can clean the yeast infection out of your diapers as well as your baby’s skin. Good hands washing after and before changing the diaper area may also helpful to limit the fungal spread. I love using cloth, but the yeast ALWAYS comes back with in the first 3-4 days after switching back to cloth. Were you able to sun your diapers for a full day?–I would definitely try that along with the bleach.

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