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Products have been produced for years to help the driver see what’s behind them or beside them because blind spots can be deadly hinderances and every car has them. There is the convex mirror that has an adhesive backing for mounting them to your rear view mirrors. Trucks may have a monitor or special mirrors to sense that another vehicle is close, but the best thing for the other vehicle is to stay out of a truck’s blind spot (either sides or back).
Netanyahu couldn’t have said anything to help the government of Iran more, as his comments proved just how out of touch and ignorant he is of the actual situation on the ground. But if Netanyahu’s intelligence that told him the regime is so very close to developing a nuclear weapon (or even that they have the ambition to), is the same source that told him Iranians just wanna have fun, listen to the Beatles and have American blue jeans, then that throws the legitimacy of the nuclear intel in serious questions.

Bibi also referred to the 2009 Green Revolution protests, in which many Iranian demonstrators were killed after taking to the streets to question the re-election of then President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Netanyahu invoked the death of youngA Neda Agha-Soltan, who was infamously fatally shot by unknown assassin during these protests.
This website and all contributors are pro-freedom and the right to live without having bombs dropped on you because of bad intel (whether Iraq or Iran).
Neda quickly became a symbol of the modern Iranian youth, taking a stand against the government.
But he failed to notice that Neda herself was wearing blue jeans when she died, just like so many other modern, young Iranians who feel insulted by Bibi’s comments.

So, if a vehicle is caught in a blind spot and the truck maneuvers a sudden turn, the other driver is the one that needs to react quickly. The nature of the inaccuracy highlights the fact that Netanyahu’s intelligence is largely academic in nature, rather than stemming from real-world understanding.

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