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The standard needle method, dermal punching, indwelling cannula as well as piercing gun methods are commonly used. You should use shampoos and hair care products that have less harsh chemicals and that do not irritate your wound, at least in the healing stage. If you eat healthy and live a relatively healthy lifestyle with no drugs and alcohol, you will be able to heal faster. Avoid things like headphones, hats, telephones, even reading glasses, anything that comes in contact with your ears.

Public phones should not be used at all because they will have lots of bacteria and can result in serious infections. FashionMay 02, 2012010 Classic Hair Braids To Try OnSince the beginning of time, hair braiding has remained a popular hairstyle with most people.
However, you need to be extra careful and take proper care during and after you get your ears pierced. Ear lobes, tragus and rook, as well as across helix are some common areas for ear piercing.

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