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A head cold or a common cold is accompanied by headaches, runny nose, thin mucus and a heavy head.
Hot ginger tea is a good solution so is boiling garlic and drinking it with a spoon of sugar added to it.
If you have a blocked nose; then use eucalyptus oil on your chest, forehead and nose in order to get rid of the stuffiness in the nose.
When you have a head cold and you blow your nose frequently, your body becomes fluids deficient, and to eliminate this deficiency, it is advised to increase the liquid intake. While having head cold it is common that you may get to have a nasal drip or runny nose that later on results in sore throat. During infection, your body’s immune system fights those germs that have invaded your body. Have warm baths and in order to get relief from the body aches that you will suffer from as a result of the congestion in your head. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

This is not necessarily when somebody has annoyed you to that zenith – rather, it is when you have a head cold. Having Chicken and Vegetable soups containing ginger and garlic soften the mucus and provides relief in nasal congestion and sore throat.
To let the immune system work better it is advised that you should give yourself complete rest. Hence it is advised to increase the intake of Vitamin C by eating fresh fruits and orange juice. This will help you get rid of nasal congestion and you will be able to recover in quick time.
You could use one of the home remedies that we will discuss as an aid to cure the condition.
Sniffing the mucus leads to the mucus getting logged into the body and begins to collect in the head. Add cinnamon powder to spoon off honey to get rid of the cold; it also helps to clear sinuses.

Some people thing that head cold has to do something with cold weather, but the truth is that you can have a head cold at almost any time of the year, may it be winter or summer. Remember that in most cases the cold needs to run its path and using home remedies will help to get rid of the cold efficiently and prevent congestion later.
Although there are various medicines to treat a head cold, but using few home remedies can surely help you get rid of it without making a visit to your local pharmacy. If these home remedies are applied well and you rest well, you’ll be back to routine in a day!

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