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Trojan-Keylogger tries to scam users out of Nanny Camera System money and steals their data.
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Bitdefender specialists came by a piece of malware which at first seemed to be nothing extraordinary, but upon further analysis it turned out to be a descendant of the infamous Suxnet that made all the headlines back in 2010.
Even though some of Duqu's components resemble very much the ones found in Stuxnet, it seems that its purpose is different. The researchers concluded that this probably results from the fact that its masters have changed in the meantime, as cybercriminals rarely switch their specialties.
Unfortunately for the the hackers and luckily for us, because elements of Stuxnet are found in the latest variation, the threat will be easily detected by all the security products currently available.

Because of Duqu's defence mechanisms, it might not be the easiest task to get rid of it, so make sure you have a fully functional anti-virus program with an up-to-date virus definition database. Some of the new viruses are getting clever in the way that they hijack your Internet Explorer and change your Proxy Settings so that whatever you search for, you are redirected to a different spyware site. Well then you have a problem that can be solved in a few hours, and you can download it from here (free). Therefore, this operation may take several hours so I recommend not to do anything during the hard drive defragment because serious errors can occur, even if it is not a risky operation. So instead of being a military equipment saboteur, the new version is actually just a complex keylogger that targets mainly regular companies.
This is highly possible, especially after the saboteur rootkit was reverse-engineered and posted online, which means the source was available for anyone with the necessary knowhow.

Also, be careful about the links you click on and the websites you visit as drive-by attacks are not uncommon these days. You will have to change your proxy settings to get rid of viruses like these, and it will have to be done by you and you only, until automatic tools have the capability to do so automatically. Do you have a laptop or a PC that moves extremely hard and led to the hard disk does not stop it?

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