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Step 3Mix a mild solution of bleach and water, dip a sponge into the solution and wipe off the shelves.
If you use the cupboards to store clothes, wash them before putting them back to get the musty odor out of them. If the musty odor returns, contact a health official to check for black mold, which can cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals. How to get rid of that musty smell in your dishwasher (and why it's completely normal) - by Mike Shafer, Mrs. When a new dishwasher is delivered, we often get these two questions: Why was the dishwasher leaking when it was delivered? After the dishwasher is manufactured and boxed up, it is stored in the manufacturer’s warehouse until it is picked up.

This is usually caused by a lack of air flow that can contribute to the growth of mold and bacteria. Likewise, if you store dishes in the cupboard, wash the dust off of them before putting them back.
After it arrives at a distribution center, it sits and waits to be sold to a dealer, where it will wait some more in the store until the customer is ready for delivery. Dampness and dust can also create a musty odor in cupboards, which can make your clothes or linens smell and if left untreated, can grow until it fills the entire room and eventually your home.
With this combination of water in a sealed dishwasher and time between purchase and delivery, it will often arrive with a musty smell. You just plop it in through one of the top rack tines (prongs) and run a rinse cycle without any dishes or glasses.

Place an open container of baking powder in the cupboard, if it is used to store dishes, otherwise put a sachet on one of the shelves to prevent the musty smell from returning.
Mike enjoys helping customers upgrade their kitchens and laundry room appliances, and he has developed many relationships with clients, designers, and vendors.

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