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Our ancestors with the use of folk medicine, had a great experience with the treatment of many diseases. Take one tablespoon of this remedy every half an hour, and after 2 hours, you should feel relief.
Seriously, take a shower or put your head over a bowl of boiling water (perhaps with a little menthol based product in it).
Antihistamines reduce the swelling and inflammation in your nose which will assist in clearing your blocked nose. Hi, I'm Amanda, a twenty something lifestyle blogger with a focus on anything health and fitness related, loving the life you live and eating good foods. This treatment is a great solution to relief this painful condition, and you can heal it in just 4 hours.

Those recipes are passed on from one generation to another generation, so now we have the chance to try some of those cures. The moisture in the air from the heat from the shower assists in soothing the swollen blood vessels in your nose.
Lozenges like Strepsils can help soothe the sore throat quickly whilst going to work behind the scenes on getting rid of your sore throat once and for all.
They help to sooth my sore throat and I just feel special when Kyle makes me one and looks after me. Simply add half a teaspoon of salt to a glass or water and gargle it around then spit it out.
There are so many natural methods that you can use and today we will present you one of the most efficient.

Strain the mixture and pour in the remaining 50 ml of water, bring everything back to a rolling boil. If standard water isn’t going to do it for you then get some herbal tea into you and look at having soups for a meal or two to assist in getting more water into you. You don’t need fancy drinks for this, simply put some lemon juice and a little bit of honey in with hot water. Not glamorous but doing this several times a day can help to reduce swelling in the throat and loosen mucus, helping to flush out irritants or bacteria.

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