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Ringworm, as the name suggests is a condition of rash of the skin which has close resemblance to ring-shape worms being embedded below the skin.
Before trying to figure out whether bleach will get rid of ringworm, let us look at how ringworm occurs. Some of the symptoms include appearance of red colored patches on the skin which become itchy, bald patches on the scalp, swelling of the rash, appearance of ring-shaped inflammations with an outer scaly appearance and a lighter inside, discoloration of the nails on the toes or fingers, or appearance of scales on the skin of the feet. People with weak immunity or those suffering from stress, diabetes or HIV; people undergoing chemotherapy or young children and animals have a higher risk of getting infected.
However, doctors recommend treating a ringworm infection with anti-fungal cream, which contains miconazol, terbinafine, clotrimazol or ketoconazol. Furthermore, to completely eliminate the fungus, the bed sheets and clothing of infected people should be soaked and washed in hot water.
Ringworm infections usually occur on the feet, but also form on the groin, exposed skin, nail, and scalp. When people ask how to get rid of ringworm, usually the doctor will prescribe a topical antifungal agent, such as Miconazole, Terbinafine, Clotrimazole, Ketoconazole, or Tolnaftate. Luckily, there are many great solutions for ringworm on feet or “athlete’s foot”, which is a good thing because up to 70% of the population will get this infection at some point during their lives. In addition to Tinactin Cream, people with ringworm on feet should change socks daily (more frequently if feet are sweaty). Ringworm on the groin or “jock itch” is common and there are medications specifically formulated for this problem. In addition to Tinactin Cream, people with ringworm on the groin should change underwear daily (more frequently if area is sweaty). Contrary to popular belief, ringworm is not caused by worms but by a group of fungus medically known as Dermatophytes that grow in warm, moist areas and is highly contagious. A comprehensive investigation of all published trials conducted on various ringworm treatment options was carried out via an electronic database search, manual searches on the internet, exhaustive review of forum discussions and by checking references from user reviews and other resources.
While studying over-the-counter ringworm creams, antifungal lotions, powders and prescription pills, the clinical studies behind these options were also reviewed. Below is a list of treatments we have determined produced the most satisfactory results in getting rid of ringworm.
Upon reviewing several top ointments, Phytozine an antifungal cream, came out number one because it produced immediate results in eliminating ringworm infections at different stages and associated symptoms. We chose it as the best ringworm product because it eradicated the contagious ring-like skin infection at the source, prevented it from coming back and left behind clear skin instead of scars where deep abscesses had formed.
Phytozine is made from several FDA-approved ingredients that have been proven to treat ringworm completely because of their potent fungicidal properties.
Restoring skin’s appearance and removing circular bald patches on the scalp and beard. Phytozine is simple and safe to use on all parts of the body such as the face, scalp, hands, legs, and feet as well as sensitive areas such as the breasts, groin, genitals and anal region.
Many users who have repeated episodes of this infection have reported a marked reduction in recurrences after using Phytozine, unlike other options they had tried.
Available without a prescription, Phytozine ringworm cream guarantees results and is safe for people of all ages. Oral and topical medications like miconazole (Monistat-Derm), griseofulvin, terbinafine (Lamisil), clotrimazole (Lotrimin), oxiconazole (Oxistat) etc are designed to prevent fungi from growing and multiplying. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to see results depending on the form and frequency of the medication used. Corticosteriods are used by some people to get rid of the irritation and obtain relief from intense itching.
Shampoos designed to treat ringworm infections contain selenium sulphide or ketocanozole (Nizoral), which is very helpful in preventing the transmission of the disease to others.
Typically associated with getting stains out of white clothes, bleach is recommended as a home cure for skin and nail fungal infections. The problem is that bleach is a chemical agent that is not meant to be used on skin, nails, or hair. It has been used for hundreds of years to treat a variety of ailments including colds, wounds and skin problems. After diagnosis, the oil should be applied to the affected area twice per day until the rash goes away.
This herb has antiseptic, antibiotic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties that eradicate fungal skin infections. You may be prescribed medicated nail lacquer like amorolfine or antifungal tablets which tend to work better than nail paint. Note: Although diaper rashes and yeast infections are also caused by dermophytes, don’t use medications designed for those conditions on ringworm infections.

The information provided on this website is for informational purpose only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any kind of disease. How to get rid of ringworm - ringworm in humans, How to get rid of ringworm on exposed skin, scalp, hands, feet, and groin area.
How to get rid of all forms of ringworm in 3 days, This is my personal battle with ringworm and how i finally managed to get rid of it. At the first sign of a black spot on your toe nail, you should stop wearing socks or stockings for any extended period of time. Nail fungus guide rid nail fungus, Nail fungus guide toenails nail fungus rid nail fungus visit nails finger nails tea. While it would sound like it is caused by worms because of its name, worms have nothing to do with ringworm. Ringworm is contagious, affecting humans and your favorite household pets like dogs and cats and other animals.
Use disinfectant when washing your pet’s things like dishes, toys, bedding and grooming paraphernalia. Regularly clean your surroundings and this includes regular vacuuming of your floor to take out animal hairs where ringworm spores may be staying. Because you may also get it from other people, avoid sharing of personal items including clothing. When using public showers such as those in gyms, wear slippers to avoid contact with dermatophytes, the fungi that can cause an infection. Some people may not immediately seek ringworm treatment due to lack of understanding of what really causes the disease and how it can be avoided. Caused by fungus and not bacteria, antibiotics won’t work on ringworms, only antifungal medications.
At the earliest signs of ringworm, you could use non-prescription medicines like anti-ringworm creams or ointments. Ringworm treatment for your dogs or cats includes the same drugs used in humans but it may be required to trim the animal’s hair for effective application of topical measures.
It is highly important to remove animal hair that may have spores clinging on them off the flooring and other surfaces of your house.
You may have heard of some kitchen items to work as ringworm treatment such as vinegar, ginger, garlic, lemon, salt, etc but these are without scientific proof. All the information I provide here is free and if you want to support my work so I can continue updating this site, please share it.
Ringworm in Dogs and CatsUndeniably, ringworm is easily transmitted, but it does not always lead to an infection. This infection is contagious and can spread by direct or indirect contact with the infected individual, pet or animal. These are in the form of spores which can remain dormant for up to 8 months and attack when they come in contact with the skin of humans or animals. People not responding to the treatment of local applications or those with additional complaints like fever, increase in the redness, swelling or pain may be prescribed pills. The individual should avoid sharing combs, soaps, towels, bed sheets or even hair accessories with others.
It protects and soothes skin that is irritated by ringworm, athlete’s foot, fungus, skin parasites and other microbes. The reason for this is because heat and moisture are trapped between the hairs and scalp, allowing the perfect location for fungus to grow.
This is an anti-fungal shampoo, that will help kill the fungus associated with scaling and dandruff.
Your doctor can diagnose ringworm easily by the ring-like rashes with clear skin in the center and blisters around the edges. Instead, this treatment for ringworm actually penetrates it and attacks the infection from every angle possible to clear the inflammation, pain and itching.
Just apply the antifungal cream to the affected areas, making certain to cover the edges of the rashes, twice a day. Although those treated for mild to moderate infections will experience instant relief, it can take a few days for those with severe rashes with inflamed oozing blisters to see improvement. Scarring at the infection site—which is another issue for people with sensitive skin—is also eliminated with Phytozine’s unique formulation. They are typically available through doctor’s prescription and come in several forms: capsules, gels, creams, pills and sprays. You’ll have to take care during that time to avoid spreading the disease to other people or pets such as cats and dogs.
However, steroids should be avoided as they can exacerbate the infection and lead to secondary bacterial infection in the hair follicles that may cause a fever to develop and require antibiotics to cure.

They are particularly helpful in reducing the time is takes to recover from painful scalp swelling called kerion.
The oil has antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties that work together to fight off common infections like ringworm. To use, apply the juice of half a clove to the affected area twice per day, let dry and then cover lightly with a bandage.
If the infection becomes treatment resistant or you experience slow results, things usually improve if you use the treatment for a longer period of time. Fungal infection is what causes this skin condition also known as dermatophytosis or tinea and only the right ringworm treatment can help in getting rid of it.
Again, worms don’t cause it and it is named as such because it is characterized by red ring-like outline that form on the skin. It may take weeks for the treatment prescribed by the doctor whether for humans or for pets to work and eliminate the infection.
Because getting re-infected is common, it is best to ensure proper and complete treatment is done to ensure that the cause is killed absolutely.
However, they are recognized to minimize uncomfortable itch caused by the fungal infection.
Even if members of your household or some of your pets don’t show any symptoms but you know that an exposure took place, the disease may already have been picked up and treatment may already be needed. In order to avoid getting infected, one should always adhere to maintenance of good personal hygiene. But thankfully, usually the topical agents are usually good enough to get rid of ringworm on the skin.
Furthermore, it is harder to clean the scalp due to hair follicles, and therefore some spores may escape the treatment. Its pleasant to use, has a nice fresh, clean scent, foams into a nice thick, rich lather, and is pH balanced. Nail infections may stay longer than other infections, but don’t worry, just keep at it and it should go away. Tests like skin cultures and biopsies or microscopic exams of scrapings taken with a scalpel can also confirm the diagnosis.
We studied the extent of relief as well as the time it took to see improvement in the symptoms of ringworm (tinea). If, for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied, simply return it within 60 days of the purchase date to receive a refund.
The active ingredient is an antifungal agent that attacks the cell membranes of the organisms that cause ringworm in humans. Steroids can be used in combination with antifungal medications to cure a ringworm infection, but it may be more costly than using other treatments. It can also be used on infected pets and domesticated animals like sheep, cows, horses etc. Maintain personal hygiene by frequently washing your hands and try to keep the skin clean and dry most of the time. But it does not appear on the skin only but also on fingernails and toenails making them thick and brittle and yellow in color.
There should be positive results observed after a few days of topical preparation use.  Terbanafine, Miconazole, Undecylenic Acid and Tolnafate are some of the known over-the-counter ringworm skin applications. Medicated bath two times a week for a minimum of 3 up to 8 weeks may also be necessary using lime sulfur solution. But if you want to be sure about getting the right treatment, it may be best to visit your doctor.
For this treatment, an antifungal shampoo should be used to stop the growth of the infection, and you should contact you doctor. You should also avoid using it, or use it sparingly as a treatment for ringworm, if you are pregnant or nursing.
The disease may not immediately become visible when one has it but when a person or an animal has been exposed to it, the risk is there because ringworm spores don’t easily die and can continue to be a threat for a long period. Care should be taken to ensure that the cotton dab once applied on the rash should not be dipped again in the bleach.

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