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The basis design of a fireplace places the chimney or flue directly overtop of the firebox. To combat this inefficiency, wood burning fireplace inserts were designed and manufacture red. You need to get rid of the bats because they will damage your property, endanger your health, and open you to lawsuits should a visitor to your home or client of your business be bitten or otherwise become sick.
Bats typically enter buildings through small gaps or cracks in the structure which can be less than 1 inch in diameter.
Professional, humane methods including venting, trapping, structural repair, sealants, disinfectants, taste deterrents, insecticides (for bat mites, not the bats themselves) and other techniques.
A building infested by bats can lose up to 10% of its value and becomes difficult to sell.  No one wants to buy a bat house, would you? Incidentally, if you do install a bat house, and it actually works and the bats take up residence, multiply and then spread to adjacent human homes, you may be liable for injury, illness, clean-up and removal.

In the case of bats, they usually pick a particular building because of structural maintenance defects (small holes, loose vents, loose shingles, etc.) provide them with an opportunity. We are professional bat removers and have trained technicians who can help you get rid of the bats, keep them out and clean up the mess. Wild animal removal is best performed by trained professionals who specialize in the removal of pest animals. Sometimes they don’t stay in attics, but hide in closets, shoes or other place, and give people an unpleasant surprise in the morning. The smell of guano and other remains quickly becomes obvious, smelling something like gerbils or rats. Sometimes bats will get lost and become disoriented, entering the structure itself.  Do not touch the bats or attempt to pick them up! The order in which areas are blocked is important and you must be very careful to make sure all bats have left and you do not trap the bats inside the house, leaving them to die and you to hear the unhappy sound of bats scratching at walls.

My wildlife technicians and I are trained, experienced, and prepared to remove and dispose of biohazards according to local and federal regulations. Of course, I can provide peace of mind with an on-site visit, consultation and professional bat removal services. They are not trained, licensed or experienced in bat removal so even if they did attempt to help, you could end up with a home full of rotting carcasses and live bats flying loose in the house.

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