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Ladies listen up, apple cider vinegar can stop bloating.pinimgMix a cap full of apple cider vinegar into a cup of cold or hot water and sip slowly. Unclog the drains.sawiahThrow some baking soda and vinegar in a jug and pour it down a clogged drain. No!”eremnewsTo get rid of that unwanted dandruff, mix equal parts apple cider and water together.
Ease that sore throat.sitelApple cider vinegar is full of vitamins and can help ease that red raw sore throat.
Stop heartburn.hgcdnOne tablespoon of vinegar followed by a glass of water will stop heartburn in its tracks.

It tends to be better than taking antacids because although they will ease the pain initially, they are acidic and can make your heartburn worse in the long run.Advertisement7. Got cramp, ACV to the rescue.marineessentialsCramps are caused by dehydration and lack of potassium.
Some people can wake up one morning with them gone and others spend a lifetime trying to banish them. Shower curtain mold.remminhdangNext time you clean your curtains in the washing machine, add one cup of vinegar and one cup  of baking soda. To stop the constant staaank of your trash can, soak a sponge in apple cider vinegar and then leave it in the bottom of the can.

Stop breakouts.weeklyhealthylifeApplying apple cider vinegar to your pimples has always been an old wives tale.

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