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Yet another remedy requires you to boil water and add a spoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric. Thanks so much for posting such a helpful tip for getting rid of my irritated sore throat!!! HOW DO I GET RID OF ADCHOICES ON MY COMPUTERLittle triangle at these programs and other features. Sore throats can be a serious annoyance and the dry itching feelings they bring on can put a serious damper on the way we feel.
It is common in winter because of the moisture in the air and in summer because we tend to drink cold water and eat cold foods that affect our throat. While there are several medicines available to help you get out of this predicament, you must try a few of the remedies we mention here for immediate relief. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Getting rid of a sore throat is vital if we wish to go on about our lives normally even when we’re hit with the uncomfortable feelings they bring. Remember that while sore throats are extremely annoying, they are generally very common and not too hard to get rid of when you know the best ways to do so. The honey soothes your throat while the lemon helps to dissolve any mucus that may be in the respiratory passage.

Anyhow, that makes it hard to get to the drug store if I ever wake up with a cold (which seems to be a weekly thing.) So Im so happy to have found a sore throat remedy that is made out of things right in my kitchen already. My only recommendation is make sure you tip your head back FAR or else you're pretty much taking a water shot with a side of salt, no tequila no fun! Flush Yourself with FluidsThe best way to get rid of that annoying scratching feeling from within is to flush your body with fluids.
Drinking plenty of fluids will help continuously keep liquid passing through your throat and soothe the irritation in the affected area. Making sure to drink drink at least 8-10 cups of water a day will help ease symptoms of a sore throat, especially the dry, scratchy irritation that is all well to known by us all. Water will also flush any toxins out of your body that have caused any illness that may be related to your current condition.Water isn’t the only fluid that is greatly beneficial in getting rid of a sore throat. The vitamin C in the lemon is also excellent in aiding the immune system and will help to shrink swollen tissue. Adding a bit of cayenne to this will only further benefit sore throat pain as it contains capsaicin, a natural substance found in peppers that helps fight pain.Chamomile tea is also great for a sore throat. People have been using this flower as a natural remedy for years to help with colds and sore throat.
Its no wonder as studies on chamomile have proven the fragrant flower to contain properties that actually fight infection and relax sore muscles.

Opting for an organic blend of pure chamomile flowers is advised for optimal results.Garlic broth is another excellent fluid to flush infection from the throat. Garlic is known as another of nature’s powerful healers because of its high antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
Not only does garlic help take away infection, but acts as a powerful agent to help strengthen the immune system.
To make a garlic broth, simply crush two garlic cloves and pour a cup of boiling water over them. Gargle with Warm Salt WaterAs one of the oldest methods for relieving sore throat pain, gargling with a warm salt water solution works wonders. The reason your throat gets dry and scratchy is because the mucus membranes in this area become swollen and irritated. This inflammation is painful and its necessary to draw water out of the mucus membranes to ease this irritation.
Salt water greatly helps to remove the water from the irritated mucus membranes helping to decrease swelling and make the throat feel much better.

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