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Those suffering from foul menstruation smell should eliminate sugar and caffeine from the diet.
Garlic is enriched with antifungal properties and is an effective natural antibiotic that helps to get rid of menstruation foul smell. Include yogurt in your daily diet as it helps to restore the vaginal pH due to presence of lactobacillus bacteria.
Sanitary pads or tampons that are used during menstruation should be changed frequently, irrespective of whether completely soaked or not. Prefer using cotton panties only as these allow for free circulation, keeping the vaginal surface dry during periods.
Encourage douching for four to six days post completion of menstruation as it is the effective remedy for getting rid of menstruation foul smell.

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The usual acidic pH of vagina becomes more alkaline, a few days before and during menstruation. Since, chances of infections remain high during menstruation due to moist environment of the vaginal regions, it becomes foul smelling. Other symptom of vaginitis (vaginal infection) is vaginal itching and burning sensation, while urinating. Inflammation of cervix brings about an abnormal vaginal discharge during menstruation. There are ways to combat such menstruation smell using simple natural solutions and even treat the probable cause of infection. Moist environment is most favorable for vaginal infections, leading to foul menstruation smell.
Avoid wearing synthetic material that traps the moisture and make one more prone to vaginal smell duringmenstruation. Another possible cause is monilial infection, which occurs in women with diabetes or under prolonged use of antibiotics.

Fenugreek helps in normalizing hormonal balances, keeps the inner body system healthy and free from infections. It also aids in sugar removal from the body, which majorily contributes to the cause for menstruation smell.
Garlic takes care of the harmful bacteria and fungus, which remain the cause for such foul menstruation smell.
Hence, more infections are highly likely during menstruation that may lead to foul odor, through menstruation days. Women who persistently come across foul smelling odor must get it diagnosed for infections and get treated.

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