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Refuse from the harmful habitsFirst of all you need to give up all the harmful habits you have. In the case you have eye bags occasionally you may try the cool applications with the black tea or mint.
Eye puffiness, popular by the name eye bags, is common among people who are in their late 30s or 40s. So, if you are in the risky age group and can see mild swelling, saggy or loose skin around or under eyes and even dark circles, you are a victim of puffy eyes. Even if you are not in the most risky age group of getting puffy eyes, you still might suffer from puffiness under eyes due to many reasons that you will come to know as you read about the causes of puffy eyes.
You must take steps to reduce the swelling around eyes and to prevent this puffiness under eyes that can become permanent too. So, let’s know the causes of eye bags and some very effective remedies to reduce puffiness under eyes! When talking about under eye puffiness due to aging, the skin around eyes which gets thinner is the main culprit for showing up the eye bags. The tendency of water in the body to move towards the tissues having more salt can also be blamed for swollen eye bags. If we have cried a lot, the tear glands that secret salty water can aggravate the swelling around eyes. However, when you see your puffy eyes after getting up in the morning, they seem to be more puffy than the previous day. To know more about what causes puffy under eye bags, read What are the Causes for Puffy Itchy Under Eyes? If all these causes for puffiness under eyes have been checked out and now you feel that nothing relates to your swelling around eyes and also if you are above 35, then aging might be the cause for your puffy eyes. And if the problem is bigger- if your eye bags have acquired a really disturbing size, then there are some non-surgical as well as surgical treatments for puffy eyes too. Here are some lifestyle changes that you need to get rid of puffy eyes and also to prevent the swelling under eyes. If you have been going to bed with all your make up still there on eyes, its time to change yet another habit. Now, some home remedies for reducing puffiness around eyes and to get instant relief from the swelling around eyes. Wet and cool tea bags, sliced cucumber or potato are all natural astringent that can instantly reduce puffiness under eyes.
A cold compress place around the eye help constricts blood vessels which prevents the flow of fluid into tissues thus reducing puffiness around eyes. Till you get rid of those puffy eye bags permanently, use some make-up tricks to hide them. Totally- beauty is your destination to beauty and health tips, to the very latest celebrity gossip, fashion trends, hair and beauty tips, beauty and shopping advices, health and diets, and also parenting and education tips.

Lifestyle habits such as alcohol abuse, consumption of salty foods before bed, lack of sleep and poor quality rest.
Some diseases or conditions such as blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid), orbital cellulitis (inflammation of the orbital tissues), renal, thyroid disorders, chalazion (small benign tumor on the eyelids). Prefer water-based foundation rather than oil-based, because they irritate the delicate skin around the eye.
Unless we live in a bubble of fantasy land, we are likely to get bruised during different everyday activities. Another amazing formula for healing your bruise is to apply a good quality healing cream or an arnica gel right after the icing process.
However, at the end of the day if you do not feel any improvement, apply warm compresses directly to the bruised area.
Besides smoking and drinking you will need to reduce the amount of salty and hot food you are accustomed to consume. As we age, the skin around our eyes get thinner and the fat pad, which lies below our lower eye lids for support, gets bigger and shifts further below to make so called eye bags under eyes which make our eyes look puffy. These serums not only treat under eye puffiness but also dark circles and crow’s feet! So, cut back on processed foods in your diet and go for home cooked food with just the right amount of salt.
All the cosmetics there will irritate your eyes and the resultant fluid will collect under eyes. Healthy liquids, especially water, are capable of keeping our overall skin tone firm and full looking. Keep them pressed with mild pressure under your eyes for about 10-15 minutes to see their effect on your reducing puffy eyes.
This can be anything which is cold- a cold spoon, a packet of frozen peas, ice pack or even ice cubes wrapped in a piece of clean cloth! With age, the skin loses its elasticity and can accumulate around the eyes; it is irreversible.
Light pressure with the fingertips around the eyes will stimulate circulation of blood vessels. Although well drained and cooled tea bags placed on closed eyes for 15 minutes will reduce swelling.
To hide the swelling of the upper eyelids, first apply a concealer care darker than your skin tone on the eyelid and your usual makeup. Bruises, also known as contusions, are formed because of damaged capillaries or veins under the skin as a result of an impact.
The ice will decrease the swelling process and make the color of the bruise lighter, helping to get rid of it quickly.
Make sure that your cream contains vitamin A and K, as both these vitamins will speed up the healing process and help you get rid of bruises quickly.

It is not that easy to hide the eyes bags with the help of some make-up base or concealers.The reasons for eye bags to appear are connected with the excessive amount of fluid accumulated in the fat layers which is located right under our eyes. In the most cases the eye bags may be the sign of inner disorders.Don't consume the products that prevent the fluids from being released from the body. Keep to a diet the next day after some party or celebration to restore the balance in your body. The horizontal position of our body in the night makes the fluid travel all the way up towards the most vulnerable location- under eyes! Although bruises are not dangerous at all, but they get on your nerves, especially at an inopportune time like before your wedding day, a get-together with your friends or a hot date with your sweetheart. No wonder that such "beauty marks" are extremely difficult to be concealed.The fat layer under the eyes protects the eyeballs from being damaged by the bones of the scull. In that way you may face not only such problem as eye bags but also the limb swelling or kidney disorders.Develop the healthy eating planProvide your body enough time to digest all the food you have consumed and get rid of the breakdown products. If you can alleviate your head a little while sleeping, that too can help reduce puffy eyes.
Instead, use an ice pack, a cold compress or simply wrap ice cubes in a towel or a plastic bag.  Gently apply the ice pack to your bruise and hold it for approximately 10 minutes.
In the case there is excessive amount of fluid in your body it stays inside this fat layer and can't be released. To let your organism have the possibility to clean itself you need to cease eating later than 2 hours before you sleep. Smoking too weakens collagen- the skin protein- which in turn leads to premature wrinkles and sagging of skin.
Keep it uncovered during the daytime but make sure to wrap it with a bandage before you go to bed.
Besides that you should avoid drinking fluids late in the evening.Pick up physical exerciseIt is recommended to jog and spend more time outside. If the fluid congestion happens regularly the thin skin under the eyes get stretched and can't return to the normal state quickly.
In that way you will avoid developing eye bags.Get enough sleepDuring the sleep our body carried out the great work. Probably you have noticed that in the morning you always weight a couple of lbs less, no matter how much you had eaten during the day. If you don't provide your body enough time to sleep it won't be able to get rid of the breakdown products in time.

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