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The word "mumps" originally meant "to mumble" and came to be applied to the disease because of the side effects it causes. Treatment includes analgesics for pain, antipyretics for fever and adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration from fever and anorexia.
Mumps occurs most often in children ages two through twelve, although adults who haven't been vaccinated for mumps are also susceptible.
The mode of transmission is through direct contact and airborne droplets with disease beginning from 14 to 24 days after exposure.
Painful swelling of the salivary glands (classically the parotid gland) and fever is the most typical manifestation of the disease. Although uncomfortable, mumps is usually harmless and symptoms normally subside within ten days. Serologic antibody testing can verify the diagnosis when parotid or other salivary gland enlargement is absent. All children in the United States are routinely immunized against mumps with the combined vaccine called MMR (measles, mumps and rubella). The hours we whiled away in front of TV at home, in pubs and at friends' houses watching our favourite sport were too many to count. We have spent thousands of dollars on Bledisloe Cup tickets, World Cup tickets, season tickets and airline tickets.
I knew the name of every All Blacks player, as well as those of the Wallabies side and the Waratahs. We have leapt for joy when our team scored, and we have hung our heads and cried when the game was lost in the last seconds due to a lucky kick for goal.
MasterSeven's first exposure to a rugby match was at three weeks old when we took him to see the Waratahs.
Nowadays, I couldn't, in good conscience, put rugby down as one of my interests in my profile, because it has been that long since I was able to watch any. Most of the rugby matches throughout the season are not on free-to-air, so we would have to go out to a pub or club to view them on Pay TV. North Queenslanders prefer other codes of football, so there are not as many opportunities to watch live rugby as there were in Sydney.
So, it was a sad state of affairs when we attempted to watch the Queensland Reds vs the Canterbury Crusaders last night at Barlow Park. Because we wanted the boys to have the experience of going to a live rugby match, knowing full well that this opportunity mightn't come up again in a very long time, we purchased tickets for our family of four, plus an extra two so our mate could bring his seven-year-old. So then, Will and I were at the rugby match with four boisterous boys, who were actually quite well behaved for the majority of the match, it was only near the end that the boredom started to set in, and they started to act their age. MasterFive, however, was bored within minutes of arriving, after promptly finishing off his hot chips and lemonade.
So, with an eagle eye on the three older boys (three lemonades were knocked over, one pie dropped in a lap and half a hot dog lost in between the seats), and the other on my youngest who was busy pushing every button on my precious camera, no rugby was watched by me.
The only way I knew that my favourite team got TROUNCED was when the crowd cheered each time a member of the Reds team crossed the line, ball tucked firmly in the crook of an arm. Even though the rugby experience has changed for us, afterwards, Will and I agreed that we were glad that we took the boys to their first rugby match (at least first one where they were old enough to focus their eyes), but now that they have had this chance, if the opportunity to see a live rugby match ever arises again, we'll be spending their ticket money on a babysitter. Regarding my recent post about Aussie animals, Tork  thanked me for not calling our amorous friend a 'koala bear'. For those of you non-Australians who are not familiar with this particular type of bird, it is as common and as pesky as say, a seagull. I have lived in Australia for around 17 years now, and I have never heard a koala make a sound like that. What do you think it takes to ensure that your child has a great first (ever) day of school?
Leave everything to the last minute, so that you have only moments to spare when dropping off each child at his respective class. Make sure that he has an awesome teacher that knows him from when his big brother attended his first year.
At the end of the day, I asked the teacher how MasterFive did on his first day, and she said he was absolutely fine.
What I am grateful for is underwear, panties, knickers or whatever word you choose to use to describe the undergarments that encase your nether regions, but more specifically, ones that fit and suit your needs. Now, I settle for a happy medium, cotton bikini underpants, but every now and then I get sucked in to buying a pair that I think are right, but just don't measure up to expectations.
I have mummy tummy, and I like to cover it up, even under my clothes, I like to have that secure feeling that my flabby bits are not going suddenly spring free for the world to see. So every morning at 5:30 am, when I am dressing in the dark in preparation for my run, I am trying to determine whether the underwear I have pulled out my drawer are the comfy ones (that need to be saved for later, after my shower) or the new mummy-tummy-exposing ones.
Anyway, whatever your stage of life, and whatever your choice of undergarment, just make sure they are what you enjoy wearing, because life is too short to wear knickers that ride up, under or over(?). My husband has scorned the Internet since its inception, which is funny considering that he spends almost as much time on it as I do. I think he might have feelings of animosity towards the Internet partly because it has ruined some of his favourite pastimes: conversation and joke-telling.
As for joke-telling, he can really no longer partake, because everyone has heard read it before, and if he does attempt to relay a joke, the receiving party will never reciprocate, because no one makes the effort to remember jokes anymore. Anyway, after many years of scorn for all things Internet, Will has found something on it that he enjoys (no, it's not what you think, get your mind out of the gutter!). Well, it has been an embarrassingly long time since I was approached by reps from Protect-A-Bed* to do a review and a giveaway for their mattress protectors. In my defence, I have had some very valid (and sad) reasons in the last half of 2010 not to be thinking about mattress protectors, but part of my delay was due simply to procrastination, and for that I apologise.

Without further ado, I would like to give you my two cents on Protect-A-Bed's Allerzip product. When MasterSeven was just a tot, we bought a dust-mite barrier for his cot mattress, but guess what? When the opportunity arose to review a dust mite barrier that was waterproof, I jumped at the chance. Any waterproof protectors I have had in the past, always required the utmost care in making sure that they NEVER saw the inside of a dryer, otherwise the plastic coating would crack and they would no longer be waterproof. Dust mite barrier and allergy protection - When I first put this protector on MasterSeven's bed, I thought that it really wasn't going to make much of a difference. Protects against allergens such as pet dander, pollen and mould - I can't comment on this as we have no pets, and MasterSeven isn't allergic to those other things, thank goodness!
Smooth Polyester surface - It kind of feels like imitation satin sheets - don't ask me how I know that. The other day when I was tickling Enzo's tummy I saw a little bug, dark brown, about 2mm long but thin, with little legs and it scuttled away into the thicker fur before I could get it. I've obviously googled but can't find anything like it, they don't look anything like the fleas or ticks I've found pictures of. Thanks guys (and sorry for the itching Krlyr ) but they are kind of sesame seed shaped except much darker and definitely scuttled rather than jumped, so I really don't think fleas or ticks. I going to give them a good bath and comb through and if that doesn't help I'll have to try and catch one of the little bugs to show the vet - that'll be a challenge! They do sound like fleas to me, and fleas will scuttle rather than jump if they have somewhere to scuttle to. Frontline will work if used regularly but if there is a flea infestation in your home then your home needs to be treated otherwise fleas will just keep re-appearing. Thanks for sending me off to another delightful selection of images that are now seared on my brain!!! I've heard several people say Frontline hasn't been too efficient lately, it could be worth trying an alterantive flea product instead.
Mumps is an acute viral illness characterized by swelling of the parotid glands just below and in front of the ear and at times the salivary glands under the jaw.
Prior to the development of vaccination and the introduction of a vaccine, it was a common childhood disease worldwide and is still a significant threat to health in the third world.
The disease is self-limiting and general outcome is good, even if other organs are involved. Any child with mumps should not return to school or daycare for 9 days after the start of parotid swelling.
Additional research improved the synthesis of a particular isomer, RMNPA, of TJ13025 from the racemic product. The incubation period (from initial infection to symptoms) is from 16-18 days, ranging from 12-25 days after exposure. People with mumps are contagious for about a week before and two weeks after the onset of symptoms, which occurs about two to three weeks after exposure to the mumps virus. Fever and headache can occur already as prodromal symptoms of mumps, together with malaise and anorexia.
If comparison between a blood specimen obtained during the acute phase of the illness and another specimen obtained three weeks later shows a fourfold rise in antibody titer, the patient most likely has mumps. The vaccine may be given separately or as part of the MMR immunization vaccine which also protects against measles and rubella.
As such, vaccination is very crucial in implementing a preemptive strike against mumps infection.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the routine administration of MMR vaccine at ages 12-15 months and at 4-6 years. The Jeryl Lynn strain is most commonly used in developed countries, but has been shown to have reduced efficacy in epidemic situations. Thinking back, I could have considered myself an 'avid' rugby fan, which is saying a lot, because I have never considered myself an avid anything. Then at the tender age of three months, we conned a trusted friend into watching over our bundle, whilst we attended a World Cup match.
This never eventuated for a number of reasons, and we ended up taking his seven-year-old and an eight-year-old son of another friend of ours. I attempted to explain to him what was happening on the field, but I am in no way a rugby commentator, so it went a bit like this, "See that guy in red there? I was flippant in my response in an 'as-if' manner, but then it reminded me of a time when I was not so knowledgeable about Australian fauna (given my current level of knowledge, it is hard to imagine that I could know any less, but there you have it).
In my defence, in Canada, the only time you would see exotic birds such as parrots, lorikeets or the like, are as pets or in the zoo.
This will mean that there is no time for him (or you) to build up for a big cry when you leave.
That way he'll be so glad to see this wonderful teacher, that he will forget all about the fact that you're leaving him. By the time you return, your little one will already be busy with classroom activities and won't have time to give you the sorrowful goodbye that he has given you for the last three years each and every time you dropped him off at daycare. When asked about his day, he said it was "Great!" Although he was a little disappointed that he hasn't learned how to read yet. In typical fashion, when everyone else is being deep and profound, I shall go for shallow and superficial. Then I was thankful for the g-string, because they provided me with a smooth silhouette (well, as smooth as my shape would allow), and prevented the dreaded VPL.
A couple of weeks back, I found a bargain bin outside Target where they were selling bikini-style underpants for, get this, $1.

The art of conversation may be dying with the advent of txt speak and 140-character tweets. Do they give you encouragement or do they think you should concentrate your efforts on other activities? Lucky him, in addition to the milk and egg allergies, which he has thankfully given away recently, he suffers from allergies to tree nuts and dust mites. Finally there was a product that combined the protection against dust-mites (and their faeces) with protection from accidents of any sort. I have been known to threaten my husband with his life as he stood with waterproof mat in hand, poised at the dryer door ready to drop it in. He has carpet in his room, and let's face it, I am not the most diligent at vacuuming under his bed. They look more like the human head lice I have had to comb out of my kid's hair, but they are bigger and a lot more mobile, they really do scuttle. We had a problem with it a few years ago and had to re treat with normal frontline or Advocate as spot on didnt eradicate it.
Occasional complications include meningitis (inflammation of membranes around the brain) and pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), but these usually resolve with no permanent adverse effects. Aspirin use is discouraged in young children because of studies showing an increased risk of Reye's syndrome. Fortunately, most children and adults recover from an uncomplicated case of mumps within two weeks. The period when someone is most infectious to others is from 1-2 days before and 5 days after the onset of swelling in the glands. While symptoms are generally not severe in children, the symptoms in teenagers and adults can be more brutal and complications such as infertility or sub-fertility are relatively common, though still rare in absolute terms. In some locations, the vaccine is given again between 4 to 6 years of age, or between 11 and 12 years of age if not previously given. The Leningrad-Zagreb strain is commonly used in developing countries, but appears to have superior efficacy in epidemic situations. The only way you could tell who was supporting whom, was by listening for when they cheered. Thinking back now, it is quite conceivable that I could have called it a 'koala bear' when I first landed on Aussie soil, many moons ago, but this is a story about a different creature altogether. I want to let you know right now that, for me, it had been only two months since I had arrived on this side of the world, fresh off the plane from Vancouver (my first port-of-call being Auckland, New Zealand).
All of a sudden, we spied this exotic bird poking its way through the leaf debris on the ground. This begs the question, "What do you think the zoo staff would have said, if we actually ever got around to making that phone call?" They probably would have thought we were taking the mickey, having fielded that many infantile prank calls for Miss Elle Phant and Mr G. So far, my kids don't know Froot Loops exist, and I would like to keep them for myself it that way, just a little bit longer. Alas, I may be forty, but I am not ready for the full brief yet, at least not without the excuse of a pregnancy to let me indulge, and that ship has well and truly sailed. I couldn't resist this bargain, and for my frugality, I am paying dearly through my discomfort. These bargain knickers do exactly that, and rather than cut my losses and just bin them, I wear them under my workout clothes; these are snug so they hold everything in place. It is true, it is not that often that he browses just for the fun of it, and he doesn't interact with people except for online support to help him solve a problem. He came up to me one morning full of enthusiasm and said that he had stayed up all night reading my blog. Kids and waterproof mattress protectors kind of go hand-in-hand, especially during potty training time.
Having said that, I can't remember the last time I heard complaints from him at night time about his nose being blocked. For males with orchitis, doctors may prescribe stronger pain medication as well as corticosteroids to reduce inflammation. The disease is generally self-limited, running its course before waning, with no specific treatment apart from controlling the symptoms with pain. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends the use of mumps vaccines in all countries with well-functioning childhood vaccination programs. Because my comfy ones are so well-worn that they should only be worn on Sunday, because, you know, they are 'hole-y'. With THIS mattress protector, I can scrunch it up, jump on it and hurl it into the dryer at 50 paces, switch it on and walk away. Patients are advised to avoid fruit juice or any acidic foods, since these stimulate the salivary glands, which can be painful for the mumps sufferer. The guy in red took it off him and passed it to the other guy in red." or "Look at how high this guy is going to jump up to get the ball, that is called the 'lineout', can you say 'lineout'?" Blank look. Well, I don't know what his excuse was, as he had travelled extensively up the eastern coast of Australia before he ever met me. Kids get all sorts of lovely tummy bugs and aren't always the best at anticipating the worst, so even after toilet training was finished, I have always had some sort of waterproof protector on my children's beds. Anyway, my husband and my eldest son can keep the chemist in business with all the tissues and anti-histamines we buy.
I told Will to keep an eye on him, so we wouldn't lose him before I brought in the cavalry to save this poor lost and ever-so-exotic bird.

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