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If you do not have enough skills and time to get rid of this nasty virus, please use this powerful Automatic Virus Removal Tool to save to your computer and your trouble. As you get into Control Panel, then look for Programs section and choose Uninstall a program.  In case your Control Panel is in Classic View, you should press twice on Programs and Features. It can also happen that you may not find any of the above listed programs which you were advised to uninstall.
As you are in Reset Internet Explorer settings section, go for Delete personal settings box, and move forward to Reset.
As you see that the task is being finished, choose Close selection, for actions to be confirmed.
If Mozilla Furefox browser on your system is somehow broken because of the entrance of viruses, you should restrore it. While you are on Firefox, press on Firefox button, move through Help menu and choose Troubleshooting Information. Important: As the browser restore was conducted, be informed that the old profile of Firefox will be saved in the folder Old Firefox Data located on your system‘s desktop. TicTaCoupon is a kind of malicious add-in that you can add different types of shortcuts on your browser.
This is just one of the many helpful tips we have posted, You can find more stories here, Do subscribe to updates using your favorite RSS feed reader or using the secure FeedBurner email update form on top of this post. Once you land on such a website, chances are your system will get loaded with malware and spyware, and record all personal information stored on your computer. Windows Firewall Constructor is another clone of recently appeared rogue viruses like Windows Basic Antivirus and Smart Fortress 2012.
Please remember, Windows Firewall Constructor is a bogus program that wants to steal your money and credit card information. Once this difficult pest attacking the PC, you will notice its malicious behaviour and how dangerous it can be.

In order to find those recently installed applcations, press on Installed On section and here investigate programs based on the dates it were installed.
If you realize that you do not recognize any unreliable and unseen programs, follow the next steps in this uninstallation guide.
It seems that it can help you accelerate your Internet browser or facilitate your web search, but as a matter of fact, it can only provide you with numerous advertisements.
Users are most often infected with this annoying virus after visiting malicious websites with unsecured browsers.
This means that your logins, passwords, browsing habits, even credit card and social security numbers are in danger of getting in the hands of a complete stranger. If you follow a few simple steps, you can permanently clean your computer and get rid of this virus once and for all. Just like other fake rogue program, Windows Firewall Constructor also intimates to be a legitimate computer security and protection tool.
To begin with, it will quickly change your default settings, so as to take over your browser.
The other way to get there is to make a right click on the hot corner in left (simply, Start button) and go for Control Panel selection. In case the reset was not successful, have your important files copied from the mentioned folder back. Taking all these problems that are caused by TicTaCoupon into consideration, you should remove this virus as soon as possible. If you take it for guaranty that this page is not malicious, you will have to suffer the consequence. What’s even more frustrating is that when infected, you’ll have a difficult time visiting the actual website that you want to view. There is a small downside, however; you’re going to need to have a little bit of knowledge and expertise when it comes to computer security and be confident enough to tinker with your registry files.

It acts to be a powerful firewall system to protect your PC from dangerous internet threats and malwares although it is a virus itself.
Be patient when you see scary alerts and warning popups from Windows Firewall Constructor on your screen. The virus essentially hijacks the user’s Google searches and redirects them to another website other than the one you want to visit. These malicious files are hidden all over your system, most likely presenting themselves to be harmless files that are necessary to run your system (such as browser add-ons, browser help objects, random files in the registry library or even registry entries).
As we know, these bogus viruses are scamwares, they are designed to extort money from innocent internet users by tricking them into purchasing fake security software products. Instead of your intended website, you’ll be redirected to a fake website that contains ads and maybe even corrupted pages. Be sure that you clear your cache after cleaning up these files and restarting your computer to be sure that the changes you make is permanent. They shown just to scare you and to convince you that your computer is in danger so you must buy some powerful antivirus. If you’re not confident enough in your abilities to do this, you could simply hire an experienced computer repair technician to do it for you or purchase some software that will automate this task for you. It tries its best to scare you of dangerous virus detections so you,ll buy Windows Firewall Constructor to get rid of viruses. All you have to do is to get rid of the fake Windows Firewall Constructor virus which is the actual problem with your computer.
All hackers attacks, keyloggers and virus detections mentioned by Windows Firewall Constructor are false.

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