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The Mac isn't subject to the same sort of malware and virus problems as Windows, but that doesn't mean we're off the hook. BitDefender is one of a number of commercial anti-virus software packages that works on the Mac which detects and eliminates malware when it finds it. You can certainly take precautions to keep your Mac from getting problems with adware and malware, like making sure to use trusted sources to download software for your Mac like the Mac App Store.
You can also make sure to keep your Mac's Gatekeeper security settings configured to only trust software from signed Apple developers.
What's more, the free and donationware stuff I've mentioned (ClamXav and AdwareMedic) doesn't mess up the regular operation of your Mac — just run it when you want to check things out. Apple has invested $1 billion in China's largest ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing (formerly called Didi Kuaidi).
Beme is a brand new video-sharing app that uses the proximity sensor on your phone to trigger 10 second video recordings. As the Mac's popularity continues to grow and security stories makes headlines, both real and imagined, it's something more and more Mac owners start thinking about.

Other commercial packages include Intego Mac Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac. The free app ClamXav (which encourages you to donate if you find it useful) can also eliminate malware and adware on your Mac. That will minimize the likelihood that you'll launch an application that can cause security problems on your Mac.
For many of us who rely on the Mac App Store and Gatekeeper security, an extra security app isn't especially necessary. The more precautions you take and the better security practices you engage in, the fewer problems you're likely to have. The service dominates the ride-sharing segment in China with a market share of 87%, facilitating over 1 million rides a day. At the end of the recording, it instantly uploads the video to Beme, making it impossible for you to edit the video in any way. This week, take a look at Superfly, Bejeweled Stars, and great apps that improve accessibility.

Over the years, I learned that it wasn't that good or wasn't that effective anymore, so I uninstalled it and went with Avast instead.
Part of the problem comes when people indiscriminately download software from the Internet. But if you download software off the Internet without knowing where it's coming from, or if you start seeing your web browser or other software working in ways you don't anticipate, like opening up strange web sites, Mac security software can give you peace of mind you won't have otherwise. Like ClamXav, it's free, though the developer encourages you to donate if you find it useful.

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