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When you are confronted with a scam warning that you can’t seem to get rid of, push the home button on your iPhone to go back to the home screen.
Turn off JavaScript (make sure it is NOT green) and then double-click the home button to pull up your recently used apps. Once again, the key thing to keep in mind is that regardless of the nature of the scam (FBI warning, virus warning, etc.) they are in fact ONLY scams. If you have any questions about scam pages or any other technology-related topic, please post your question on my new Question & Answer forum on my web site!
Because this is a scam and not any sort of malware, it is not necessary to go through such extraordinary measures to eliminate the scam pages. On my iPhone it came up and showed my ip and what type of device I was on (iOS) so I click on the “ok” button by accident and closed all the pages, my phone seems fine, do I need to worry??? I agree that one can never be too safe, but also it is possible to take security too far, to the point to where it is making unnecessary work.
Thanks so much for offering this blog Marcel, and in my internet research you seem to offer the best information regarding the fake FBI Ransomware scam. Thanks man I was legit so scared because I never watched anything this disgusting (like child pornography) in my life. There is likely not any place relevant that the scam site information would still be on your phone. I got one of these saying it was the FBI and that I had pirated material and viewed illegal porn. I got this today, and I guess I made the dumb decision of resetting my iPhone (holding down home and lock button) and now my phone won’t turn on.
I got the pop up and went straight to settings and cleared everything am I all good from the virus it never locked me out of my phone? They count on the fact that people will be scared and that enough people will act out of fear to make it worthwhile for them.
I got this notification, but it even knew where i was located, i would never watch such disgusting acts.
I got this pop up on my iphone a few days ago and have been worried ever since that it’s real and not a scam. Read all the comments on this article and read the FBI scam article that I link to in this article, along with all those comments. I got this today, I followed all the steps you described, but now my internet is not working.
The website was huff post and two scam pop up came up for first one was century link second was for being an apple user. This just happened to me, but what I did was that I exited my safari browser and went to setting and reset all my safari data and history and it went away.
If law enforcement wanted to arrest you, they would have done so without warning you through a web page. There are a few reasons why you may not be able to download apps on your iPhone, but I guarantee you that none of them have anything to do with these scam web sites. Yeah so I was simply browsing the Internet when suddenly a pop-up comes on my screen, it was pretty much a generic iPad push notification except it was exceptionally and noticeably filled to the brim with legal-sounding text. I’m in the UK (so it went on about the UK police and Scotland Yard, but it said all the same other stuff about paying 100 pounds and how I had been accused of keeping child pornography-which of course I do not have) and I was using the Google app on my iPhone. Police attention message, I did not read the whole message since I excited safari but I am really shaken up and wanted to check that I’m safe?! Relatively speaking, $149 is quite cheap compared to what some people have been scammed with. I assure you that there are no known malwares or hacks on an iPhone that could block you from searching. I just got a similar message (though it said I was in London and not where I actually live). Is it possible that I have somehow authorised them to take the moment from my itunes account? The Mac isn't subject to the same sort of malware and virus problems as Windows, but that doesn't mean we're off the hook.

BitDefender is one of a number of commercial anti-virus software packages that works on the Mac which detects and eliminates malware when it finds it.
You can certainly take precautions to keep your Mac from getting problems with adware and malware, like making sure to use trusted sources to download software for your Mac like the Mac App Store. You can also make sure to keep your Mac's Gatekeeper security settings configured to only trust software from signed Apple developers. What's more, the free and donationware stuff I've mentioned (ClamXav and AdwareMedic) doesn't mess up the regular operation of your Mac — just run it when you want to check things out. Alpine has unveiled the i109-WRA, a 9-inch CarPlay dash unit for 2011 or newer Jeep Wranglers.
Kia has announced that it is launching CarPlay support on two more of its vehicles, the 2017 Sportage and 2016 Optima. The UK's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is working to create a digital driver's license that can be added to the Wallet app on the iPhone.
Additionally, I also get a lot of questions about getting rid of scam pages that can pop up on Macs from another article I wrote. The FBI (or other law enforcement agency) is NOT going to contact you through a web pop-up and there are NO known malwares that have ever affected the iPhone or iPad.
It is simple to code a web page that can query your IP address and there are public databases available that correlate IP addresses of Internet providers with physical location. I own an iPhone 5 and got a similar fake warning this past Tuesday afternoon, which is a very scary thing to have happen (even though you know that you did nothing illegal). Even if it was stored somewhere in some data cache, it can’t do anything to hurt you. I kept finding lots of articles about this being a problem and how to avoid it in the first place, but nowhere else did they actually give a solution for getting rid of it. It is simple to code a web page that can show you your IP address and there are public databases available that correlate IP address with physical location. Some scams are easier to close out than others so you may not need to go through all the steps I list in this article. I called apple directly and they ran a malware bytes program, there were 5 items that we deleted. The problem is either coincidental or the pop-up needs to be shut down as explained in this article.
As the Mac's popularity continues to grow and security stories makes headlines, both real and imagined, it's something more and more Mac owners start thinking about. Other commercial packages include Intego Mac Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac. The free app ClamXav (which encourages you to donate if you find it useful) can also eliminate malware and adware on your Mac.
That will minimize the likelihood that you'll launch an application that can cause security problems on your Mac. For many of us who rely on the Mac App Store and Gatekeeper security, an extra security app isn't especially necessary.
The more precautions you take and the better security practices you engage in, the fewer problems you're likely to have. Over the years, I learned that it wasn't that good or wasn't that effective anymore, so I uninstalled it and went with Avast instead. Gradually, the questions being asked are more often about these types of scam pages showing up on iPhones or iPads. NEVER call any phone numbers displayed when you see a scam like this, even if they say they are from Apple, Microsoft, or any other well-known company.
So you DO NOT need to overreact and do things like wiping out your device or restoring from a backup. Tapping the tabs icon will bring up a screen of all your open web pages and possibly a list of open web pages on your other devices.
This is simply a smoke-and-mirrors trick to scare you into thinking someone is tracking you. I understand my device was never infected but one can never be too safe, plus the way iCloud backs everything up it wasn’t a big hassle to do a restore.

Mine didn’t say FBI, but was of a similar nature (as was described above) with my IP address, etc (which causes even more concern).
So the score of 5 is probably related to how securely they think the apps on your iPhone treat your data. The only possible negative impact they can have would be convincing someone to actually pay the scammers money, or scare someone into doing something drastic and unnecessary to their iPhone and possibly delete their own data. Though it’s a big comfort to know that my IPhone cannot become infected from that big scare on Tuesday, nor from it in the future. Looking for some more reassurance that I’m not being watched if anyone can give me some.
I would suggest restarting your iPhone as a starting point, then verifying that you can log in with your iTunes account.
About a month ago the message popped up and I paid them $149 and gave them access to my computer!! Part of the problem comes when people indiscriminately download software from the Internet. But if you download software off the Internet without knowing where it's coming from, or if you start seeing your web browser or other software working in ways you don't anticipate, like opening up strange web sites, Mac security software can give you peace of mind you won't have otherwise.
Regardless of your restore, you will see the scam pages again if you go to the same places that triggered the scam pages (assuming they are still triggering them). I was originally concerned not only from their outlandish (ridiculous) but very effective scare (I knew immediately it was a scam, but it’s still scary particularly when you see your IP address) tactics, but also about ID theft, my bank information being breached, etc. It can not affect anything on your phone, other than making it hard to work with Safari until you can close the page. I sent an e-mail to the author asking her to update her article to reflect this fact but haven’t heard back yet. All I did was exit safari and enter it again before quickly clicking the tabs option before the pop-up appeared.
I was panicking now and clicked cancel, which didn’t work so clicked OK without entering a code.
Like ClamXav, it's free, though the developer encourages you to donate if you find it useful. However, increasingly scammers are creating fake warning messages that seem to continually return even if we tap the OK button many times. But I did report it to Apple, and they opened a case on it; they said to call back if I had any other problems with the scam pop-ups.
But it sounds like I did the right things, and I didn’t even think about deleting anything on my iPhone since there never was anything illegal on it.
As long as that fake warning message is showing up on our screen, we can not use Safari and browse the web. I also did the following: deleted the Clear History and Website data, and deleted everything in my Advanced Setting in the Website Data location. Although I can certainly understand why some people may overreact if they have one of these malicious pop-ups suddenly appear on their phone or computer, but like you said then that person is doing the harm themselves rather than it being directly from these internet criminals. A lot of people get freaked out that the fake warning messages might actually be real since they can not seem to get rid of them. Or they believe that their iPhone or iPad is infected with some sort of virus or malware and start to panic. While it can be a little tricky to close out these scam pages on an iPhone, I have come up with a solution that is fairly simple to perform. Additionally as you’ve stated an iPhone cannot be infected by a virus, so I assume that means that this scam site could not come back at a later date to do more harm?
If I understood you correctly the scammers can only launch a pop-up on an iPhone (in my case it was using Safari), but nothing else (i.e.

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