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Changing a license plate law could save the state of Iowa half a million dollars each year. As more and more states legalize the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, it will inevitably bring challenges to the criminal justice system.
This area of the law is being tested in places like Colorado, where a medical cannabis user was forced to submit to a blood test after a cop pulled her over and suspected she was high. For those who prefer to ride a bicycle, there is a new study that should provide them ammunition in the event that a cop feels the need to bring the law down on their head.
German and Austrian researchers conducted an experiment to test the effect of cannabis on bicycle riding, and they found essentially no impairment. A defined THC concentration that leads to an inability to ride a bicycle cannot be presented. A maximum of three cannabis cigarettes containing 300 ?g THC per kg body weight were given to test subjects who regularly consumed cannabis. The results of this experiment further call into question government’s assumption that operating a vehicle on cannabis is the same as operating on alcohol. Sadly, many men seem to think that women’s only erogenous zones are their breasts and genitals. Keep in mind, you stick your fingers under a woman’s knee, it will seem strange as hell. You make all of her feel beautiful and appreciated and wanted, she will be putty in your hands. This un-traditional Italian grandma prepares cannabis-infused favorites using buds from her daughter’s private medical cannabis garden (or farmacy), which is renowned for providing MMJ treatment to patients with limited funds. We are often taught to think before we feel, and to follow the rules of politeness in order to feel embraced.
Ladybug: “Have you ever noticed how small I am yet how much attention I can attract when I land somewhere nearby?
Our position at the top of the food chain means that we are better able and equipped to learn from our environment, to include the creatures in it.
Unless raw cannabis is old, there is little to no THC in it, and this means you can treat others with it without getting them high. Additionally, scientifically speaking, we know that some of those acid cannabinoids are neuro-protective, encourage healthy bone growth, are anti-tumor, among other things.
Since cannabinoids have been scientifically shown to have extremely LOW toxicity, this treatment has less ill side effects attributed to it.
Not every celebrity baby name catches on -- Apple and Suri remain rare, as do Saint and North. Here’s a look at the most popular baby names -- and the celebrities who helped them rise in the ranks. Heather Locklear named her daughter Ava way back in 1997, and Reese Witherspoon welcomed daughter Ava two years later.
Julia Roberts named her daughter Hazel in 2004, and more recently Emily Blunt and John Krasinski gave the name to their daughter in early 2014. The Jolie-Pitts are less traditional with their baby name choices, and Vivienne, Maddox, and Shiloh all caught on after the couple chose them for their kids.
Olivia has become a top 10 go-to for this generation, but Olive languished in style limbo until Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher used it for their daughter in 2007. Drew Barrymore could join Brad and Angelina on the list of the most influential baby namers.
Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan welcomed their daughter Everly in 2013, just as the name was taking off.
Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen picked a fairytale name for daughter Briar Rose in October 2014.
Along with photos of nature and yoga poses, the supermodel posted a note on her website revealing her thoughts on faith. When it comes to spirituality, Jenner may not be that different from others in her age group. Along with photos of nature and yoga poses, the supermodel posted a note on her website revealing her thoughts on faith. The Grammy-winning singer collaborates with Nile Rodgers and Carrie Underwood on the album, but it's his song with Pitbull, called "Sun Don't Let Me Down," that's really raising some eyebrows. The former "American Idol" judge asked Rodgers to pass along the song to Pitbull and see if the rapper "was feeling hip" to the track. Years later, I'd realize how influential this story was in my life as I read it to my children.
I heard its impact while at the 1989 World Tour concert of Taylor Swift as she sang, "Wonderland".
The video features P!nk in an elaborate lace gown, topped with a thorny crown, standing on a giant chess board. It's hard to say whether it's P!nk complementing Disney or the other way around, with the video. Alice Kingsleigh (Wasikowska) has spent the past few years following in her father's footsteps and sailing the high seas. The Hatter has lost his Muchness, so Mirana (Hathaway) sends Alice on a quest to borrow the Chronosphere, a metallic globe inside the chamber of the Grand Clock which powers all time.
Julee is a quirky, dorky, Virginia Transplant with an appetite to taste the world, meet its desserts and tell their stories. Years later, I'd realize how influential this story was in my life as I read it to my children. Alice Kingsleigh (Wasikowska) has spent the past few years following in her father's footsteps and sailing the high seas.
When I sat down with Dylan Ragland a couple weeks ago before his set at Webster Hall, I brought up the fact that his soundcloud page had been disturbingly quiet for quite some time now.
When I spoke to Party Favor about this track, he made it very clear how excited he was for it to drop. I'm excited to see where this leads us as we get ready for the upcoming album he's been teasing.
It's shaping up to be quite the summer for Party Favor, and if "Bust Em" is any preview of what we've got in store, I expect his meteoric rise to continue well into 2017. Danielle Brooks wants to encourage young women and aspiring actresses to never lower their standards or lose their integrity in the pursuit of a career. The big name retailer announced Friday it will start phasing out certain gender-based signage and shelves in some departments, including Toys, Home and Entertainment.
The changes are expected to start in the retailera€™s stores nationwide over the next few months.
To understand ourselves it is important to understand our ancestors, and a part of them, and their heritage, lives on in us today. To the world the American Indians seemed like a forgotten people when the English colonists first arrived and began to occupy their lands.
I want to give special thanks to my cousin, Mary Hilliard, for her assistance and encouragement in researching and preparing this book.
Wherever possible I have tried to find at least two sources for the genealogical data, but this has not always been possible. I have also found Franklin Elewatum Bearce's history, Who Our Forefathers Really Were, A True Narrative of Our White and Indian Ancestors, to be very helpful. It is certainly possible that such a record may contain errors, but it is also very fortunate that we have access to this record as it presents firsthand knowledge of some of the individuals discussed in this book. 8 Newcomba€? Cpt.
Sometime before the colonial period, the Iroquoian tribes began moving from the southern plains eastward across the Mississippi River and then northeasterly between the Appalachians and the Ohio River Valley, into the Great Lakes region, then through New York and down the St. Though they were neighbors and had similar skin color, these two groups of Indians were as dissimilar as the French and the Germans in Europe.
Federations, as well as the individual tribes, were fluid organizations to the extent that the sachem was supported as long as he had the strength to maintain his position. Belonging to a federation meant that an annual tribute had to be sent to support the great sachem and his household, warriors had to be sent if he called for a given number to go to war, and strictest obedience and fidelity was demanded. Some of these federations had as many as thirty member tribes supporting their Great Sachem, although many of these tribes would be counted by more than one sachem, as any tribe that was forced to pay tribute was considered as part of that Great Sachem's federation.
Any member of the society who dishonored himself, in anyway, was no longer worthy of the respect of his people.
When viewing the typical Indians of America, one would describe them as having a dark brown skin.
They wore relatively little clothing, especially in summer, although the women were usually somewhat more modest than the men.
The English resented the fact that the Indians wouldn't convert to Christianity as soon as the missionaries came among them.
The various tribes of New England spoke basically the same language and could understand each other well. There are many words used commonly in our language today that were learned from these New England Indians: Squaw, wigwam, wampum, pow-wow, moccasin, papoose, etc.

Today there is little doubt that prior to Columbus's voyage, the Norsemen sailed to the coast of North America early in the eleventh century. We do not have a record of all of the European contact and influence on the Indians in the early years of exploration because the greatest exposure came from the early European fishermen and trappers who kept no records of their adventures, as opposed to the explorers. In 1524, Giovanni da Verrazano wrote the first known description of a continuous voyage up the eastern coast of North America.
As the fur trade became increasingly more important to Europeans, they relied heavily on the Indians to do the trapping for them. Another problem with which the Indians had to contend was the White man's diseases for which they had no tolerance nor immunity. In the spring of 1606, Gorges sent Assacumet and Manida, as guides on a ship with Captain Henry Chalons, to New England to search for a site for a settlement.
In 1614, Captain John Smith, who had already been involved in the colony at James Town, Virginia, was again commissioned to take two ships to New England in search of gold, whales or anything else of value. Dermer wanted to trade with the local Indians of the Wampanoag Federation and asked Squanto if he would guide them and be their interpreter. Derner was given safe passage through Wampanoag land by Massasoit and soon returned to his ship. When the Pilgrims left England in the Mayflower, their stated intent was to establish a settlement on the mouth of the Hudson River, at the site of present day New York City. The Pilgrims returned to the Mayflower and, after many days of exploration, found a more suitable location. On March 16, 1621 the Pilgrims were surprised by a tall Indian who walked boldly into the plantation crying out, "Welcome! The Pilgrims gestured for Massasoit to join them in their fort but, he in turn, gestured for them to come to him. When the amenities were ended, the English brought out a treaty they had prepared in advance, which specified that the Wampanoags would be allies to the English in the event of war with any other peoples and that they would not harm one-another; and that when any Indians came to visit the plantation they would leave their weapons behind. After the ceremonies were ended, Governor Carver escorted Massasoit to the edge of the settlement and waited there for the safe return of Winslow. Part of Massasoit's willingness to make an alliance with the English must be credited to his weakened condition after suffering from the recent epidemics which left his followers at about half of the strength of his enemies, the Narragansetts. In June of 1621, about three months after the signing of the treaty, a young boy from the Colony was lost in the woods. When the English could not find the boy, Governor William Bradford, (who replaced John Carver, who died in April) sent to Massasoit for help in locating the boy. That summer Governor Bradford sent Edward Winslow and Stephen Hopkins, with Squanto, to Pokanoket (Massasoit's own tribe, on the peninsula where Bristol, R.I. From this trip of Winslow's, we learn more about the daily life of the Indians in this area. Massasoit urged his guests to stay longer but they insisted they must return to Plymouth before the Sabbath.
Less than a month following this visit, Massasoit sent Hobomock, a high ranking member of the Wampanoag Council, to Plymouth to act as his ambassador and to aid the Pilgrims in whatever way they needed.
Hobomock and Squanto were surprised at what they heard, and quietly withdrew from the camp to Squanto's wigwam but were captured there before they could get to Plymouth. Although the Narragansetts and Wampanoags were historical enemies and continually feuding over land, they did not usually put hostages of high rank to death.
Normally, treason was punishable by death and Massasoit would certainly have been justified in executing Corbitant for his part in the plot against him but, for some reason, Massasoit complete forgave him. Their first harvest was not a large one but the Pilgrims were.happy to have anything at all.
During the winter, a rivalry developed between Squanto and Hobomock, the two Indians who now lived continually at Plymouth. According to the treaty he had signed with Plymouth, they were to turn over to him any Indians guilty of offense.
In June and July, three ships arrived at Plymouth with occupants who expected to be taken in and cared for. In the winter of 1622-23, Governor William Bradford made trips to the various Indian tribes around Cape Cod to buy food to keep the Pilgrims from starvation. Next, Standish went to Cummaquid (Barnstable, MA.) where Iyanough was Sachem of the Mattachee Tribe. Thinking that Massasoit was dead, they went instead to Pocasset, where they sought Corbitant who, they were sure, would succeed Massasoit as the next Great Sachem. Winslow describes their arrival, where the Indians had gathered so closely that it took some effort to get through the crowd to the Great Sachem. Since the Pow-wow's medicine had not produced any results, Winslow asked permission to try to help the ailing Sachem. Their second Thanksgiving was combined with the wedding celebration of Governor Bradford and Alice Southworth. Because of Massasoit's honored position, more was recorded of him than of other Indians of his time. Massasoit most likely became Sachem of the Pokanokets, and Great Sachem of the Wampanoags, between 1605-1615. The second son of Massasoit was Pometacomet, (alias Pometacom, Metacom, Metacomet, Metacomo or Philip.) Philip was born in 1640, at least 16 years younger than Alexander. The third son, Sunconewhew, was sent by his Father to learn the white man's ways and to attend school at Harvard.
When his two oldest sons were old enough to marry, Massasoit made the arrangements for them to marry the two daughters of the highly regarded Corbitant, Sachem of the Pocasset tribe. The tribes of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, as well as some of the Nipmuck tribes of central Massachusetts, looked to him for Military defense and leadership.
Following the plagues of 1617, which reduced his nation so drastically and left his greatest enemy, the Narragansetts of Rhode Island, so unaffected, Massasoit was in a weakened position.
In 1632, following a battle with the Narragansetts in which he regained the Island of Aquidneck, Massasoit changed his name to Ousamequin (Yellow feather) sometimes spelled Wassamegon, Oosamequen, Ussamequen. In 1637, the English waged an unprovoked war of extermination against the Pequot Federation of Connecticut, which shocked both the Wampanoags and the Narragansetts so much that both Nations wanted to avoid hostilities with the feared English. After hearing of the death of his good friend, Edward Winslow in 1655, Massasoit realized that his generation was passing away. As Massasoit's health began to decline, he turned more and more of the responsibilities over to Alexander who was a very capable leader and who was already leading the warriors on expedition against some of their enemies. Massasoit was succeeded, as Great Sachem, by his son Alexander, assisted by his brother, Philip. The younger generation saw, in Alexander, a strong, new leader who could see the danger of catering to the English. Both Philip and Weetamoo were very vocal in their condemnation of the English and word of their accusations soon reached Plymouth.
Together, Philip and Canonchet reasoned that it would take a great deal of preparation for such a war. The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? As of now, it seems that operating a vehicle under the influence of cannabis is treated the same as operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. She had indeed medicated earlier, but insisted in court that she drives better when high and was not impaired. Only a few driving faults were observed even under the influence of very high THC concentrations… On average, there is no increase in the number of demerits after the cannabis consumption. If you are using marijuana products for medical treatment, be sure to consult a professional for individual counseling. But in the course of kissing and touching, the hand can move there slowly and you will BOTH be pleasantly surprised by the result.
A lot of this has to do with the fact that they are areas that never get touched and are even rarely exposed to air so they are hyper sensitive areas. Just remember to use those hands for more caressing and less pawing and you’re on your way to being the stellar lover she deserves. As a result we squash our natural instincts, our gut feeling, and tell ourselves to follow the “rules” instead. The plant naturally produces cannabinoid acids, like THC-A, which are strongly anti-inflammatory, but NOT psychoactive.
The results will be obvious, since as the pain reduces, they become more active and playful.
This treatment is no different than the treatment for humans, and especially for older patients, can greatly improve quality of life by reducing daily ‘aches and pains’. But from today’s top 10 to the newest names on the rise, it is clear that the picks of celebrity parents have boosted some of our favorites.
But Scarlett Johansson used it for her daughter's first name in 2014, and other parents have followed suit.
Lately it’s come out of hibernation, having moved up 88 places this year to number 514.
Americans have long loved Biblical names for boys, and the Timberbaby’s star power makes Silas a name to watch.

It returned to the top 100 just a year later (also likely boosted by The Fault in Our Stars character Hazel Grace). Nearly unheard of in 2011, Everly soared to number 178 in 2014, and made it to number 138 this year. The name debuted in the top 1000 for both girls and boys this year, making Briar another celebrity baby name to watch.
She wrote that her famous family didn't attend church regularly when she was a child, but that they made it a point to go for the Easter holiday.
There were no pictures, only those from the magical place that filled my mind with a world of imagination and peculiar creatures. Disney's highly anticipated Alice Through the Looking Glass, the sequel to 2010's Alice in Wonderland, has the Red and White Queens Clashing, turning Underland a shade of P!nk!Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass takes audiences on a new adventure.
Her trademark voice a reminder that we've missed P!nk, since she took a break in 2012 after her multi-platinum album The Truth About Love.Photo Courtesy of Disney.
Upon her return to London, she comes across a magical looking glass and returns to the fantastical realm of Underland and her friends the White Rabbit (Sheen), Absolem (Rickman), the Cheshire Cat (Fry) and the Mad Hatter (Depp), who is not himself.
Returning to the past, she comes across friends - and enemies - at different points in their lives, and embarks on a perilous race to save the Hatter before time runs out. She enjoys traveling, writing, obsessing over Bon Jovi, watching movies, being a mom, and enjoying life's journey. There's typical Disney magic and characters with the original cast, Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Anne Hathaway and there are new additions, Sacha Baron Cohen and music performed by P!nk! She enjoys traveling, writing, obsessing over Bon Jovi, watching movies, being a mom, and enjoying life's journey. There can only be so much calm, and I'm sure I can speak for many of Party Favor's fans when I say that we're ready for the storm. And even in a situation where I talk about being topless," Brooks said during the interview segment.
And even in a situation where I talk about being topless," Brooks said during the interview segment. At first I was very skeptical of this record as it was a family tradition passed down for many generations.
She was very fond of her Grandmother, Freelove, knew all about her and stated on several occasions that Freelove's Mother was Sarah Mauwee, daughter of Joseph Mauwee, Sachem of Choosetown, and not Tabitha Rubbards (Roberts). Massasoit was the Sachem of this tribe, as well as being the Great Sachem over the entire Wampanoag Federation, which consisted of over 30 tribes in central and southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.
Welcome, Englishmen!" It was a cold and windy day, yet this Indian, who introduced himself as Samoset, Sachem of a tribe in Monhegan Island, Maine, wore only moccasins and a fringed loin skin. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy,, Terms of Service, and Ad Choices.
For some reason, the back (or inside) of a woman’s knee is a direct route to the nerve endings in the vagina. BUT, the lobes are very sensitive and tend to trigger pheromone reactions in certain women when they are lightly touched or whispered into and caressed delicately. The point here is to be delicate, to touch women in areas and ways they have never been touched. Because of the hair follicles and nerve endings in each one, lightly caressing and kissing this area will send off fireworks inside her that even the neighbors will be able to hear. However, sometimes that pushes us towards this idea of separation – that in striving to step away from the pack, we isolate ourselves from the pack. It’s important to notice the little things around you, like how the veins in a leaf look like tiny rivers, the way that spider meanders along as if she knows exactly where she’s going, or the scent of the flowers on a spring day.” ~Steven Farmer in Children’s Spirit Animal Cards. Animals seem to be able to understand what we are saying because they tune into feelings, rather than words. Drew Barrymore gave the name to her older daughter in 2012, and Olive is now up to number 264.
Reality star Kendra Wilkinson named her son Hank Baskett IV in 2009; then tennis star Andy Roddick and actress Brooklyn Decker welcomed their Hank in 2015.
There's typical Disney magic and characters with the original cast, Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Anne Hathaway and there are new additions, Sacha Baron Cohen and music performed by P!nk!
He's coming off of two solid weekends in the Heineken house at Coachella and will be gracing a number of festivals with his presence, including Lollapalooza, Electric Forest, and the upcoming Sunset Music Festival in Tampa Bay, FL. She obtained her copy of Zerviah Newcomb's Chronical from Zerviah's original diary, in the hands of Josiah 3rd himself. But in doing that, you are skipping some amazing areas that are likely to arouse a women more than such direct approaches.
Most will tell you, a caress of the scalp, holding of the head and hair while kissing, running your fingers through your hair while in bed, all these things work wonders at tuning a woman’s body into the frequencies that all men seem to be on 100% of the time. Because if you try to grow toward them, you will miss the warmth, just as they will miss the warmth…” ~Lana Fox and Sophie Bulldog in Paws Off My Bone!
For example, a dog will comfort a human, but won’t fight that human’s feelings or try to change them.
Listen to the emotions behind the words of others and those words will be better understood. A simple, vintage name that regularly charted in the top 20 a century ago, it could return there again.
Her powerful voice for the movie's anthem "Just Like Fire" is amazing.Photo Courtesy of Disney. It is definitely a calm before the storm." Sure enough, we've seen the first sign of a hurricane on the way, and that's the new track "BUST EM" that dropped on April 22nd. I'm praying I'll get to catch a couple of these appearances, as he's done nothing but perform at a monumental level every time I've seen him. As soon as you realize gentle touches in the following areas will garner huge responses physically, you will become a zen master of the female body.
Adopt these traits from our animal brethren and the next time someone says “You’re behaving like an animal,” they ‘ll be paying you a compliment. Listen to the feelings behind your own words and you’ll begin to take better care of yourself.
Bearce's Great-aunt, Mary Caroline, lived with Josiah III and Freelove Canfield Bearce for several years, listened to their ancestral stories, and made her own personal copy of Zerviah's diary supplement. Lawrence to what is now known as Lake Champlain where his party killed several Mohawks in a show of European strength and musketry. Learn to listen to yourself again by allowing yourself to just experience each moment, not control it.
If things begin to feel destructive or unsafe, they’ll go off and find their own space. Should I lose weight, gain weight?' I really didn't think my career was gonna pop off until I was 40, but here I am," she said. Just BE “The dog has no self-image, good or bad, so he has no need to play roles, nor does he love himself or hate himself.
They understand that the best thing they can do for themselves, and for others, is to be true to themselves and their inner state. I was so thrilled when he really loved it and sent back the verse he did."-- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. Now, as her tumors have tripled in size, she's met the Pope, pet a tiger, swam with dolphins and went skydiving. Currently against the law For those who prefer to ride a bicycle, there is a new study that should provide them ammunition in the event that a cop feels the need to bring the law down on their head. The reality is that none of those things measure your worth and do not necessarily equate to happiness. You can have a smaller house, a smaller salary, and still live a far richer life than those with all the toys.
And I think that's what I hope, by living my life as truthfully as I can, women and men can do the same."Check out Danielle Brooks' AOL BUILD segment in its entirety in the clip above. He further told them that Massasoit, the Great Sachem of the Wampanoags, was at Nemasket (a distance of about 15 miles) with many of his Counselors. The test subjects showed only slight distinctive features that can be documented using a medical test routinely run for persons under suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.” A maximum of three cannabis cigarettes containing 300 ?g THC per kg body weight were given to test subjects who regularly consumed cannabis.
Follow your instincts “Trust your instincts and stay away from people or creatures who smell like bad things or bad moods.” ~Jennifer Freed and Stanley the Cat in Lessons from Stanley the Cat.
Be genuine, be true “Why are you afraid to bark out your truth and show the world your trueness? Look outside your self Ladybug: “Have you ever noticed how small I am yet how much attention I can attract when I land somewhere nearby?

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