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Sometimes these pimples are also seen to have occurred due to improper cleaning of the mouth. During the reign of this condition over your tongue, eat only soft foods and refrain from eating or drinking highly acidic dishes such as fast foods.
Any mouth sore or ulcer under tongue is a painful nuisance which not always has an immediate fix. There are measures which can be taken to ease the pain and swelling, or duration of ulcer under tongue and other canker sores in the mouth.
When an ulcer under tongue develops, or a cold sore on tongue pops up, a burning and swelling sensation may be felt in the area, or several areas of the tongue. DisclaimerThe information provided herein is intended for a general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or a treatment for specific medical conditions. The reason of these may vary in a vast way; it may be caused by diabetes, or some allergic reaction to some food eaten. Improper hygiene of the mouth results in summation of dirt particles, in the top layer of the tongue, and the pimples crop up for the very reason they appear on the face. If one is suffering from a viral fever or any such infection, then the pimples on the tongue could be a result of that too.
Take a glass of water and put on the fire to heat to temperature where it is warm but not too much. You should be able to take the water in your mouth.
Also remember that some fruits are also acidic in nature and can cause irritations on the tongue and be a reason of spread of them.

Some pimples are formed due to deficiency of vitamin B; so eat foods rich in Vitamin B or such supplements. Whether an ulcer on tongue or an ulcer under tongue, either may develop from a variety of causes.
After bringing the container down from the stove, mix in it a tablespoon of salt. Mix the solution and gargle with it.
The pimples on tongue are similar to that of on faces in a way that is, they tend to subside when not meddled with and taken proper care of.
Taking a sip of a very hot drink, eating food with extreme spiciness or acidic nature, smoking, or problems with stomach ulcers are all possible culprits of developing such an ulcer under tongue, sometime referenced as a canker sore. Stay away from the very foods which may cause an ulcer under tongue, like tomato sauce, pizza, oranges, lemony based foods, or spicy dishes. Always consult with your doctor or other professional healthcare provider for a medical advice. Smoking,  dry mouth, excessive alcohol users and dehydration can all lead to a white coated tongue.
This solution is tested and found to have the power to kill the bacteria, which may cause further pimples. Other causes may include stress, inadequate nutrition, allergies, and even menstrual periods.

However, this type of coating as well as white spots on tonsils, can be a sign of a bacterial infections such as Candida or Streptococcus.
If you experience too much pain (you should not), stop doing it and let the heat subside more.
If white tongue persists for more than two weeks or your tongue is painful and inflamed you should see a doctor. For brushing teeth, use a soft bristled brush after every meal to remove lingering food particles which may aggravate the mouth sores.
Gargling with salt water a few times a day is also suggested for dealing with any types of mouth or throat sores. Applying a paste made of baking soda and water or dabbing hydrogen peroxide on the affected area with a cotton swab is suggested. This will help keep the bacteria in your whole digestive tract, including your mouth, under control.Brush regularly with baking soda to keep the tongue clean.Get hydrated! L-lysine tablets are also popularly used for a sore under tongue or any other types of canker sores in the mouth.

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