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Of course wea€™re a big fan of the bad excuses when wea€™re not feeling like working out, but sometimes we need to be a bit more serious.
Wea€™re talking about the symptoms that occur below the neck, for example a nasty cough, aching joints or an upset stomach. If the weather a€?feelsa€™ like ita€™s over 32 degrees, ita€™s too hot to work out outside. But if youa€™re suffering extreme muscle soreness, usually starting one or two days after the workout, ita€™s a different story.
If you work out after a heavy meal your stomach and muscles will have to compete, and most of the time your muscles will win this fight. You can better exercise in a gym with air-conditioning or work out early in the morning or late at night, when ita€™s a little cooler.
With flu-like symptoms therea€™s a big chance you body is fighting a bacteria or flu-infection.
Youa€™ll notice the difference, it youa€™re suffering extreme muscle soreness youa€™ll probably have trouble moving at all, so just skip that heavy workout for the day! If you also decide to work out therea€™s a chance your body will need a much longer recovery time.

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