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The American Academy of Dermatology warns that sweating while wearing a hat or helmet can easily lead to acne breakouts. Wash your hair with shampoo every day while you are treating acne on your scalp and hairline. Use a shampoo containing salicylic acid, like Keralyt Scalp and Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Dandruff Shampoo, if you get breakouts on your scalp.
Apply an alpha hydroxy acid gel or cream directly to the lesions only on your hairline, including the back of your neck just below your skull. Use a hair conditioner with zinc pyrithione to control flakiness on your scalp caused by excessive dryness. Overview Acne can plague both teens and adults, and make you uncomfortable and embarrassed. Overview Acne can appear anywhere on the body, including the face, chest, neck, back and buttocks. The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments?
Almost all of us are familiar with face acne, but let me enlighten you that your face is not the only place where acne occurs. Chest acne can just be as bothering as face acne as it can stop you from wearing clothes which show your chest part such as deep necks.
Salicylic acid is a legitimate acne-fighting medication and an ingredient commonly used in dandruff shampoo to remove excess skin cells. The Mayo Clinic explains that alpha hydroxy acids like lactic and glycolic acid work by shedding dead skin cells and helps improve the appearance of skin scarred by acne.
Pimples or acne may occur on almost any part of the body including your face, legs, hands, back, chest and almost any part of the body.
Sometimes the pain can be so bad that it can even prohibit you from wearing any clothes at all.

Blocked pores- No one really takes care of their body the same way they take care of their face.
Over sweating- People who sweat a lot have a greater chance of getting chest acne as compared to those who don’t. A particular fabric- There are fabrics which can create friction on your chest area causing irritation which may cause a sudden outbreak of acne. Hormonal or genetic acne- Another reason which may cause chest acne is hormonal imbalance or genetics.
In order to use honey and cinnamon for treating chest acne all you need to do is mix 1 tsp honey with ? tsp.
ACV has anti-inflammatory properties and is slightly acidic in nature which helps in maintaining the pH level of the skin which could also be one of the potential reasons for chest acne. Baking soda is alkaline in nature which dries out the skin, thus controlling the oil secretion.
Athletes can be especially prone to hairline acne since they wear helmets or caps for long periods of time. However, since pimples are caused by oil-clogged pores, ita€™s important to remove oils and residue from your hair daily with soap and water. Often body acne is not given that much consideration as compared to face acne, especially when the body acne is hidden under our clothes and not visible.
No one really scrubs their body or chest regularly which then leads to blocked pores due to the accumulation of sweat, dirt and dead skin cells. As the chest area remains mostly covered the sweat does not get to evaporate properly and add to the chances of getting acne.
It is also possible that you might have an allergy with a certain fabric which may lead to acne or may worsen the condition even more. While the former can be easily controlled by consulting your doctor, who will prescribe you with medicines to balance your hormones in the latter case all you can do is take the best possible care of your skin to keep the acne under control.

The best way to use tea tree oil for treating chest acne is to mix it with water and then spray it on the affected area. To make the ACV solution, mix equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar in a bowl and apply it on the affected area or you can also pour the solution in a spray bottle and spray it onto the affected area.
You may also need to follow it with a lotion as your skin might feel a bit dry after following this remedy.
But anyone can get hairline and scalp acne, including those who are susceptible to breakouts, have an oily complexion or dona€™t wash their hair often enough. Let’s have a look at the common symptoms which may lead to chest acne along with their remedies.
The best way to prevent chest acne, in this case, is to wear loose fitted cotton clothes which will let your skin breathe and absorb all the sweat as well. In this case, the best remedy is to avoid wearing the fabrics which exaggerate your condition, rather opt for loose cotton clothes which will never irritate your skin. Apply a few dabs to areas where you frequently breakout and spread over your entire hairline. Pour it in a spray bottle and spray this on your chest area every day after you come out of the shower. To avoid this situation and to unclog your pores make sure to scrub your chest area with a body scrub at least twice a week.
Apply this pack on your chest and leave it on for 5 minutes and then scrub it off gently using wet hands.

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